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Global Village – The Vale of Kashmir

By Sarvani Nadiminti, age 13, New Delhi, India

Twirling and looping, the muddy hoary-brown waves dived rapidly across the river coast, hauling and shoving the rocks and taking them along swiftly. Big splatters of water were churned out as the waves danced briskly above the tributary of Indus. The shushing of the waves was clearly heard. Even if it was in the month of June, the weather, instead of being sultry and damp, was shivery. Chilly breezes blew with definite intervals. It was a panoramic vista.

“What place is it?” you ask. It is not anything, but, the Jhelum River in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir (India). My family and I, in the year 2008, vacationed in this paradise on Earth, the Vale of Kashmir. I want to put you into the picture of my visit. I don’t remember much about it, as it was about two years ago. But, I bet that the visit was worth as much as owning a hundred diamonds. The glory of the dale cannot be compared to any other place on this planet. You get everything once you get there: happiness, joy and the blessings of nature.

The excessive swiftness of Jhelum caused an enormous tree to break down. The tree, light brown and leafless, positioned itself in the center of the river, attracting many tourists. It was a place to sit and enjoy the magnificent stream. There was a small cemented overpass on the river. The sides of the overpass looked as if they were smeared with some red matter. Soon, I realized that the matter was actually many blobs of iron oxide on the railings which were completely broken and rusted, maybe because it was left unused for a lot of time, or not maintained.

On the other side, there were multicolored bright tents; popularly known as Dhaba(s); where people sold eatables. After having our meal in one of the Dhabas, my dad and I sat on a huge grey rock and studied the peaked mountains, which appeared as if they were sprinkled with ultra white crystals, through our binoculars while my sister and mom relaxed nearby. In a little while, my sister and I started playing near the river. Jhelum was so cold that we couldn’t put our feet into it for more than two seconds. The chilliness gave me goose bumps.

Every single thing there was astonishing and absolutely different from New Delhi. From trees to weather, from customs to houses, everything. The city’s splendorous attractions, for instance – Chashma Shahi, Dal Lake, Shalimar and Nishat Garden, Char Chinar and the one mentioned before, the Jhelum River, will charm you the instant you set your eyes on them and they will, also, turn into everlasting memories of yours.