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Holiday Choices

By Avani Anil Kumar, AK Adventures and Global Village Editor



They are the best part of the year – the time to relax, setting aside all the stress and strains of the workplace, college and schools. It is the part of the year when one is all set to enjoy; a time when one dons his traveller cap and goes hyper on wanderlust. It is the much awaited part of the year for the necessary family bonding, relationship strengthening and individual motivation.

The big world is open wide for us, with its mesmerizing colors and cultures, its mouthwatering delicacies, exotic languages and much, much more. And that’s precisely why, for each and every holiday trip, the million dollar question is “Where to?”

And I have an answer. Here are not one but three countries you should definitely go holidaying.


From enjoying a safari with elephants, rhinos and tigers in Chitwan National Park to paragliding, backpacking and trekking in Pokhara, Nepal offers you both a visual and sensual delight. Home to the world’s biggest mountain peak, The Mt. Everest, Nepal is a country rich in art, culture and history.


Colombia, with its beaches and late night city life is every wanderer’s dream come true. Its capital, Bogota, is famous for its Museo del Oro (Gold museum), colonial sites and modern nightclubs. It is a haven for beach lovers, with an exquisite range of snorkeling, diving and rafting sites.


If you ever happen to visit Cuba, you have to visit the city of Santiago de Cuba, the city famous for its Afro-Cuban festivals, music and Spanish colonial and revolutionary history. Unlike Colombia, the Cuban capital Havana is known for its colonial architecture, live salsa music and nearby beaches.

There are a variety of other countries to visit, but these three definitely top the list. So the next time you are ready to pack your bags, book a ticket to Nepal and go trekking or visit Colombia with your raft. And don’t forget the sugar bowl, Cuba, if you have a taste for salsa.