Amazing Kids! Magazine

International Pranks

By Cathy Yan, Assistant Editor, Global Village, and AK Adventures Column Editor


Although a pie in the face will always be a classic prank in North America, other countries hold different traditions for celebrating April Fool’s Day. From celebrations lasting for days in Iran to fishy practices in France, everyone from young children to multi-national corporations join in on the fun. Listed below are some great foreign practices that can easily be put into play within your family or at school. This year, be a trendsetter and start a new tradition!

In France, April first is known as Poisson d’Avril, or April Fish. Basically, children tape a picture of a fish to a friend’s back and wait to see how much time passes before the victim notices. Simple, but effective, this trick is sure to cause a riot at your school.

For Iran, the days from the Equinox to April 1st or 2nd is called the Nowruz (New Year). It is a thirteen daylong celebration. In each house, there is a table decorated with symbols believed to bring certain traits into the household. There are apples for beauty and garlic for good health, among many other religious and traditional items. On the very last day, families go out to have a picnic and enjoy a day of fun and games.

April Fool’s Day is no longer just a family event; many companies are honing their pranking skills as well. For example, one corporation in Australia announced they would be starting up a new vegemite drink product. For those of you who are not familiar with the Australian food, Vegemite is basically a thick, dark colored, salty paste made from yeast, various vegetables, and spices. All in all, it does not make a good drink.

Some pretty harmless pranks include taping the bottom of the water faucet so the person who turns it on gets sprayed, gluing a quarter onto the ground to watch people try to pick it up, putting food coloring into milk to make people think it went bad, and even stuffing the toes of your siblings shoes with paper so they don’t fit. The funniest jokes are the ones that don’t get people upset, instead they laugh with you.

Ending off on a light (and legal) note, Google hid over 150 different types of Pokémon on Google Maps last year. They also offered a job to whoever caught them all first, but that was unfortunately a joke. Although people looking for employment were out for disappointment, both kids and adults rejoiced to have a chance to catch Pokémon in the ‘real’ world.

No matter how you celebrate April Fool’s Day, be sure to stay safe and respect others’ rights and properties. Other than that, be creative with your jokes and have fun.