Amazing Kids! Magazine

Love and Care for Animals

By Syeda Azwa Asif, Karachi, Pakistan


Animals are the creations of God. Without these creatures, the color of the world seems faint. It feels pleasant when I get up early in the morning with the birds chirping. And when I go for a morning walk, I see many different animals around me. Old people are walking in the park with their pet dogs. Yes, these pet dogs provide happiness to their owners and also company, which is the responsibility of their loved ones. But life is very busy nowadays, and their loved ones have no time for the old people, so these animals take this responsibility and provide them company.

Other than the pets, I saw many other animals like crows and sparrows in the park, which increase the beauty of the area. In the middle of the park, there is a small lake full of swans and ducks. They also provide activities for people—especially old people. They sprinkle small pieces of bread for the ducks. These animals cannot understand human language, but their expression shows that they can understand human feeling.

This is our responsibility—we should be kind to animals and care for them. But I observe that most of the time people behave very badly with these innocent animals. In some parts of the world, people treat them very, very badly and tease them. For example, they throw stones on them, which can sometimes damage and injure them.

In my opinion, animals are very lovely creatures, and although they cannot talk human language, they can understand humans very well. If we give them love, they obey us and love us back. A famous quotation by Martin Buber states, “Animals’ eyes have a power to speak a great language.”

Further, animals can never be aggressive unless someone agitates them. Sometimes animals will bite and chase people due to irritating behavior. Don’t irritate animals, for they also have a right to live.

Similarly, when I walk down the street, I feel very upset to see many homeless animals lying on the road, thirsty and hungry, especially cats and dogs. There is a quotation that says, “When a human acts with cruelty, we characterize them as animals, yet the only animal that displays cruelty is humanity.”

Animals also play a vital part in balancing nature. Some animals are very rare in the world due to illegal hunting of animals. Safety of animals is also very important for the environment. So, let’s promise that you all will provide sources of food, shelter, and a big love to all animals.