Amazing Kids! Magazine

Harry, Bad to the Bone

By Reina Chiang, age 7


My name is Harry.  I am a very, very bad dog: they call me “Bad to the Bone.” Oh, I almost forgot to introduce my owners.  My mom’s name is Caroline and my father’s name is Eric and I am a dog named “Harry”.

So, I was playing in the backyard and I rolled around in mud. So, when I came in they made me go right back out because I was too dirty.  Did I mention they are really clean and neat people? So they probably do not want me to get their house dirty anymore.  They made me sleep outside for one whole week.  I guess they were really mad that I got the house dirty.  Well, I am used to it; I do it all the time. Well, I guess it’s kind of bad.

You probably would not like to be their dog. You’re lucky that you have nice and thoughtful owners.  Well, the whole point is: never, ever roll around in mud.  Only when you are not watched because if you do you will be in a lot of trouble sometimes if you fake you could probably get away with it. If you are not so careful, you will not get away with it.

I am just saying, whatever you do – DO NOT roll around in mud and then come in the house all muddy!