Amazing Kids! Magazine

L.O.L (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor

Q & A’s
Q) What did the scientist say when he moved to another city?
Ans: I am Isaac Newtown!

Q) Why did the little pony take cough syrup?
Ans: Because she had a horse voice!

Q) Why did it used to be dangerous to practice math in the jungle?
Ans: Because anyone who added four and four got ate!

Q) How do trees get on the Internet?
Ans: They log in!

Q) Where do books sleep?
Ans: Under their covers.

Q) Where did Sam lose all his money?
Ans: In Loss-Angeles.

Q) What game do astronauts play?
Ans: Moon-oply

Q) What’s the female child of a ‘period’ (the full stop at the end of a sentence) called?
Ans: Dot-ter

Q) Why did Mickey Mouse go to outer space?
Ans: To find Pluto!

Q) What song do the planets sing?
Ans: Nep-tune!

Knock-Knock Joke
By Tanmaya Murthy

Who’s there?
Ren who?
Renew your subscription please!

Short Humor Story
By Tanmaya Murthy

Carter was on winter vacation and she was very excited. Her mother’s birthday was the next day and she wanted to do something very special for her. Usually, during her mother’s birthday she made a handmade card and gave her a pink rose. But now she felt that she was grown up enough to give something more special, something different than cards. She kept thinking about what she should give her and finally made a decision. She’d bake a cake for her mother. She wouldn’t tell her mother about this for sure! She wanted to give her mother a surprise. She had often seen her mother baking cakes on special occasions. She did have some knowledge about it. So she decided that tomorrow when her mother went to work, she’d bake the cake.

Carter was waiting for the next day eagerly, it was the first time she was going to bake a cake and she wanted to enjoy the experience too. Without any guidance she was going to do it and she was pretty happy about that fact.

The next day, Carter’s housekeeper, Jennifer, woke her up. Her mother had left by this time and Carter thought that she’d be wishing for a cake for her birthday. She decided the flavor of her recipe too. Her mother loved chocolate and this was the best way to give her mother what she liked. She told Jennifer not to enter the kitchen when she was in there. Jennifer was curious indeed, but obeyed Carter.

Carter took the recipe book and, remembering the page, turned to page number 45 where the basic chocolate cake recipe was. She started collecting the ingredients and measuring them as required; 2 cups flour, 1 cup sugar, 5 tablespoonfuls of Cocoa, Milk,Vanilla Essence, Raisins, Cashew and Honey. She took a big glass bowl, added flour, sugar, cocoa and the other ingredients and started mixing them. Jennifer, the housekeeper, peeped inside and figured out what Carter was up to. She liked her spirit, but she was also worried that Carter would make a mistake. She very well knew that Carter was not aware that before pouring the batter into the mould, she also had to grease it to avoid anything sticking to it. Jennifer carefully slipped inside the kitchen, took the star shaped mould (for she knew that it was Carter’s favorite mould) and took the butter. While Carter was blending the mixture, she greased the mould and put it back in its place and slipped back to the living room where she had been reading her book before.

When the batter was ready, Carter took the star-shaped mould, not even realizing that she had to grease it, and poured the batter into the mould. She was quite happy with her work. Unfortunately she didn’t know how long she should keep the batter inside the oven, as it was not written in the recipe book. She tried to remember how long her mother used to keep the cake in the oven, but all in vain. She could ask for Jennifer’s help, but she didn’t want anyone to help her as she wanted to do everything by herself. She thought she remembered that her mother kept the cake in the oven for forty minutes. So, she put the mould inside the microwave oven and set the timer for 40 minutes.

She called Jennifer to get her some books to read while the cake was baking.

Jennifer asked her, “What are you making dear, need any help?”

“No, no..I am fine, I just need the books please,” she replied.

Jennifer nodded and got the books for her. Carter sat down at the kitchen table and started reading her book. After forty minutes, a tring sound came. Carter had almost forgot about the cake as she was engrossed in her fairy tale.

She then took the cake out, smelled it and it smelled delicious. She tried to touch it, but when she did her smile turned upside down! Her cake had become solid. It wasn’t burnt, but it was no longer a spongy cake! She was extremely unhappy!

“Oh! What a mess I have done! I was so excited, I did everything right and this happened. This is all because of setting the wrong timing. This can’t be any worse. I am a stupid girl. What will Mum say?” she said to herself. Carter started crying. She didn’t tell Jennifer, as she thought that would make matters worse.

Suddenly she heard the door open. It was Carter’s mother. She thought, “Now what do I do! Mum’s here! I didn’t even make a card for her! I can’t give her this!”

Her mother came inside the kitchen. “Happy Birthday, Mom!” Carter said loudly but with no vigor.

Her mother smiled, but then noticed something was wrong. “What happened dear? Something bad? Why are you upset? And I can smell something delicious…Aha …what’s that now?” Her mother took the cake.

Carter was about to tell her mother not to taste it but before she could say anything, her mother took a bite of her solid cake!

“Did, Jennifer make it?” her mother asked.

“No mom I made it. Everything got messed up. I am sorry! I tried to make a cake for your birthday, but I got this as the result!” Carter replied.

Her mother smiled and then spoke, “It’s delicious. I like it very much. Not a spongy cake, but it’s as delicious as a chocolate cookie. I can’t believe you could make something so yummy! I am proud of you dear! You did it all by yourself! A lovely birthday gift indeed! It’s no less than the world’s best cookies ever.”

Carter was taken aback. “But Mom this is not a cake, how can you say that it’s nice?” Carter asked with astonishment.

“Dear, it may not be a cake but what’s the big deal? At least it’s something that everyone will like! Look at the brighter side of things dear. It’s the first time you made something and it’s tasty as well. It is indeed a relishing treat! Cheer up dear! You can be proud of your work. It’s appreciated by me! And not only by me, let me call Jennifer. – Jennifer, come here for a moment, taste this, Carter made it!”

Jennifer tasted it and said, “It’s heavenly dear! Just like yummy biscuits; I like it a lot! Can I have one more please?”

Carter was very happy! She hugged her mother with joy! Her mother asked her, “Dear, where did you get the recipe? And you remembered to grease the mould? I guess you had set the time wrong. But never mind.”

Carter replied, “I got the recipe from one of your recipe books. Yes indeed I did make a mistake on the baking time. Next time I’ll do it with your or Jennifer’s guidance. But Mom, I didn’t grease the mould! Was it necessary?” she asked.

Jennifer gave Carter’s mother an expression which made her mother understand that it was Jennifer who helped her in that part without Carter knowing about it. Carter’s mother replied smartly, “It is required indeed, but your hands have magic, you didn’t apply the grease and there was no stickiness! You are magical Carter! Believe me!”

Carter was glad and jumped with joy and again wished her mom, this time with a kiss and full enthusiasm, “Happy Birthday, MOM!”