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L.O.L. – Laugh Out Loud Humor Column

By Humor Column Editor, Tanmaya Murthy

Q: Why couldn’t the musician do well in his job?

Ans: Because he wasn’t noteworthy!

Q: Why didn’t the man become an electrician?

Ans: Because the job was shocking!

Q: Why couldn’t Sam work well in the orange juice factory?

Ans: Because he had not concentrated!

Q: Sam went to seek a job in the gymnasium. Why was he rejected?

Ans: Because he wasn’t fit for the job!

Q: Why didn’t the tailor’s business do well?

Ans: Because his company was sued (sew)!

Submitted by Renee Elson, 10, Canada

Q: What’s black and white, black and white, black and white, black and white, black and white, black and white, black and white, black and white…

Answer: 101 Dalmatians

Q:A man brought his horse out west and his horse said the letters: H I J K L M N O. The man said, “My horse wants water.” How did he know?

Answer: He said the letters H to O. (H2O water)

Knock-Knock Jokes

by Tanmaya Murthy

Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Ken who?
Ken you open the door, please?


Humor Story by Tanmaya Murthy

In a bookshop an inspection was going to be held. The two shopkeepers had arranged everything systematically so that nothing would go wrong during the inspection.

They kept the books in order according to the genre as well as the authors. They truly worked hard for this! They didn’t want to earn a bad name. They had a deep desire to make their bookshop one of the finest.

A man entered the bookshop. He was smart, tall and a person who looked no less than a businessman. He picked up a book and started looking at it. Both the shopkeepers guessed that he was the one who came for the inspection. They were pretty sure. But they didn’t dare to utter even a single word or disturb that person. They knew they needed to have some discipline when the inspection was going on so they stayed where they were and the man continued to do what he was doing. They were readily waiting to answer the man’s questions.

A little later another man came into the bookshop. He was an old man. When he asked the shopkeeper, “Can you show me a copy of  Small Wonders?”, the shopkeeper rudely replied that she couldn’t at the moment. She didn’t want the man to be disturbed while he was inspecting. The old man frowned and went away. He started looking at other books as well.

After five minutes, he again returned to the shopkeeper and asked her, “Can you please explain me the theme of this book?”

The shopkeeper lost her patience, but in a whisper replied, “Hey you old chap, can’t you see that I am trying to maintain silence? Please for God’s sake stop troubling me! Go somewhere else. I cannot possibly tell you the theme at the moment. Moreover, there’s an inspection going on here.” The old man looked puzzled. He moved towards the other section of the bookstore.

Meanwhile the other man, the smart one, kept the book inside the shelf and after a few minutes went outside the store. The two shopkeepers exchanged puzzled glances and rushed outside to ask the man what he felt about their bookshop after the inspection. The man looked surprised and replied, “What inspection, which inspection? I don’t know!” The two shopkeepers looked shocked and asked him, “So you are not the one who came for the inspection?” “Certainly not,” replied the man, “I just came here to read something. You people are so polite and nice. I never knew that bookshops allowed reading in their shop itself, free of cost! Thanks a lot!”

The two shopkeepers shocked, thought that they were such fools! They came back to their shop and saw the old man coming out at that moment. The old man said, “I have done the inspection of your shop. Thanks a lot.”

Both the shopkeepers got the shock of their lives and were left with their mouths open!