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By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor

Q & A’s

Q: Which craft is helpful and clever?

Ans: A handy-craft!


Q: Why do mummies like Christmas presents?

Ans: Because they are wrapped.


Q: Which is the most tired appliance?

Ans: Exhaust fan!


Q: What did the little girl say when her mother scolded her for not doing her homework?

Ans: “Mom you cannot scold me for something I have not done!”


Q: Which is the loudest pet?

Ans: The trum-pet!


Q: What is the centre of attraction of the rain’s shirt?

Ans: A rain-bow!


Submitted by Dru Payne

Q: What did the lion’s mom say when she caught him lying?

Ans: You lion!


Submitted by Ryan Traynor, Age 11, California

Two aliens were zooming around the universe in the flying saucer, looking for a place to eat.

One said, “Let’s go to the planet Earth’s moon. There’s a great restaurant there called the Lunar Café.”

The other alien said, “I know that place – the food’s okay, but it’s got no atmosphere.”


Q: What happened to the composer who took too many baths?

Ans: He started writing soap operas.


Q: How does a Pokemon sneeze?

Ans: Pik-achu!


Doctor: I have some pretty bad news to tell you. You have only 24 hours to live.

Patient: You must be kidding, Doctor.

Doctor: No, I’m not, and it gets worse. I forgot to tell you yesterday.




by Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor
Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Boo who?

Boo-hoo, I am a ghost!



By Tanmaya Murthy



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The wait for the day was finally over. Finally the day came when Kiara and Tiara would show their talent and the results of their practice and hard work they had been doing for weeks. Initially they got a message that the Talent Hunt had been postponed which meant that they had another full week to practice. The two weeks that just passed by were weeks of immense enjoyment for the twins. They not only practiced for the talent hunt but also tried out something new! As we know, Kiara wanted to try out poetry and Tiara wanted to try ballet – that’s what they did! After the Talent Hunt, they wouldn’t have time for all these extracurricular activities since studies would require more work. Kiara and Tiara tried out something different with each other’s guidance. They did very well too. Tiara explained to Kiara that while doing poetry she should let her creative juices flow and step into the world of fantasy. She should also write at least five sets of rhyming words separately which go with the theme. Kiara was indeed enjoying it and she did pretty well. The way her twin sister taught her to do poetry, Kiara found it enjoyable and easy.

And what about Tiara? Ballet is a tough dance form. Kiara first taught her the basics – how to stand on your toes, the postures etc. Then day after day she went more into more detail. Tiara enjoyed it too! She was doing well as well. We cannot exactly say perfect, but for a starter she did very well. It was difficult to manage their time as they had to practice for the competition but the sisters managed time well. They devoted two hours for their practice for the talent hunt and another two hours for learning a new thing. This way they enjoyed the 14 days a lot. Tiara gave Kiara a few topics on which she could write poems and Kiara wrote beautifully. When she practiced for two hours she checked out websites which helped her to learn more about poetry. Even Tiara did the same. Kiara helped her to bring perfection to her postures and taught her to point her toes. Tiara checked out ballet videos to bring more perfection. In the course of time they became great in these fields. They even practiced for the competition thoroughly.

The competition day had finally come. All the participants were asked to come in their school uniform and change into their costumes at school. Kiara considered herself pretty clumsy and was scared that she may lose the costume so she gave her costume to Tiara who was considered more responsible. Tiara had no costume so she had to be in her school uniform only. They went to the school. By mistake Kiara and Tiara went to the wrong rooms. Kiara went to the literary contestants’ room and Tiara by mistake went to the ballerinas’ room. The teacher in charge of the dancers, Ms Valerie, got Tiara mistaken for Kiara and told her “Kiara come on change your costume , fast, we don’t have time!”. Tiara was shocked. She was about to say- “ Miss, I er..,” but before she could complete what she was saying, Ms. Valerie didn’t listen to her and told her to go and change. Tiara could do nothing. She went to the changing room crying. She thought of going to her original room but it was impossible. The contestants were not allowed to leave their rooms. Kiara’s costume was with Tiara and there was no way that Kiara could change her costume. Kiara too couldn’t come out of the wrong room. Both the twins got mistaken for their sister as they were facially very similar. They didn’t expect it at all!

Both of them had tears rolling down their cheeks. Tiara changed into the costume although she was feeling bad for her sister and herself. But then suddenly she thought, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way!’. The twins tried out something new during the past two weeks. Maybe this was a challenge for them, to test that whether they really learned something new. So Tiara thought that she would try her best to do whatever Kiara taught her.

Kiara also thought the same. She learned a lot from her sister and wanted to try her best! ‘Maybe it’s a kind of test for both of us. And we are going to prove ourselves!’ she told herself.

Both the contests were simultaneously held. The poetry contest was held in a room and the ballet was held in the auditorium. When Tiara got onto the stage, she got chills down her spine. But she was determined to overcome any obstacle. Kiara got a tough topic too. The topic was ‘The lonely river.’ She closed her eyes, entered the world of fantasy, wrote a new set of rhyming words and started writing. Tiara first started with some basic moves and then slowly went into detail as if she was telling the story of her journey in learning this dance form. She did wonderfully. She didn’t expect much of herself as she wasn’t perfect, but tried her level best. The contest was finally over.

The results were to be announced the very next day. Kiara and Tiara didn’t expect that they would be getting any prize because of all the mixups but they were quite happy with each other’s performance. To their surprise, both of them won the first prize. Both of them were awe struck. They were proud of themselves and so were their parents…just for 14 days they were introduced to a new world and they made the best of both worlds! Wow! Both of them got a certificate, but the grand prize for poetry was a set of a novel’s series which contained 4 books which Tiara was longing for. The grand prize for the dance performances was the latest DVD copy of the songs and videos of ballet and a few other contemporary dance forms as well as a ballerina tutu which sounded like a wonderful treat to Kiara. They both taught each other and were successful as teachers too! Kiara gave Tiara the book series set which she won and Tiara gave Kiara the latest DVD and the tutu which Tiara had won. They exchanged their prizes as tokens of gratitude as well as appreciation to each other!

-Tanmaya Murthy ☺