Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Snowmen Chips

By Bhavya Madan, age 9


One snowy day there was a lizard watching T.V. On an advertisement, he saw that in a store there were a variety of snow chips that talked according to the kind of chip they had inside them. If it had the happy chip, it would say “I feel happy.” If it had the angry chip, it would express, “I am angry.” After seeing this advertisement, the lizard really wanted these snow chips so he set out to buy it. He kept on walking until he got to the store. He got so excited about getting the snow chips that he even banged his head into the door. When the lizard got in the store he went to the toy section but to his amazement everybody had purchased almost all the snow chips. Luckily, the lizard caught his eye on one pack that was left. But there was one problem: He could not figure out how he would get out of the store without being seen. He thought about it awhile and got an idea.

He was able to sneak out the door and run away. But while he was running, he tripped and the snow chips fell into different snowmen built by children. The lizard searched for a long time for the snow chips but he could not find them. It was winter and it was very cold so the lizard went home very sad with a frown on his face.

Just after the lizard went home, a car banged into the electric pole and the pole fell on each of the snowmen that had snow chips inside them. It was a big coincidence. The snowmen that had the happy chip in them then came alive and were very happy and the snowmen who had the angry chip in them were very angry. They all greeted each other asking each other’s name.

Everybody was getting along except the angry snowmen. The angry snowmen were too busy getting angry at people and scaring people while the sad ones were always busy crying at sad things. Then the owners of the snowmen came back to add a little bit more detail on their snowmen but they found that their snowmen had come to life and they were shocked.

Meanwhile, in the lizard’s home, he saw on the news channel that snowmen had come alive. He then thought that maybe the snow chips were in the snowmen. He quickly went to the park to get things back to normal. Meanwhile, the angry snowmen were taking sleds away from children and scaring them. They were breaking houses.

The lizard became very busy taking the chips out of the snowmen’s heads. It was pretty hard to take the chips out. He had almost taken all the chips out except for the last two snowmen with the adventurous and angry chips. The adventurous one was going so fast that the lizard asked help from kids who owned the snowman. Still the adventurous one was too fast for the kids. The kids planned to call their parents to get them to catch the snowman. In fact, the parents called the whole city to help catch the adventurous snowman. Half of the city went on the right side of the snowman, half of the city went on the left side, but the snowman jumped over them. Luckily, there was a man at the back and he smashed the snowman and gave the snow chip to the lizard.

Now there was only a single chip to get which was the one in the angry snowman. The kids surrounded the angry snowman from all the sides but the angry snowman was so angry that he just pushed them out of the way. The snowman even kept them from calling their parents to help. They had no other option but to call the police. When the police came, they somehow tied the hands of the snowman. The lizard jumped on the snowman and took out the last chip left.

The kids thanked the police. The owners thanked the lizard very much for getting their snowmen back to normal. The lizard promised never to do a foolish thing like this again and he lived happily ever after.

The End!