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Your April L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Tanmaya Murthy, L.O.L Column Editor


Knock-Knock Jokes


Who’s there?


Harry who?

Harry up! We gotta go!



Who’s there?


Yeah who?

No, I like google!


Humor Poem

By Tanmaya Murthy


The Guy with the Sweetest Tooth

There was this guy who loved chocolates

You’ll find a dozen of them in his pockets

All day, all night he feasted on candies

And ended up with a thousand cavities

His parents were utterly depressed

Tried hard to get their plight expressed

The guy didn’t bother, stubborn was he!

His cocoa consumption was now extreme

His teeth were now a grid of deep brown

All his friends looked at him with a frown

But the child still didn’t seem to care

As his best friend was a candy, beware!

He usually dressed up in brown clothing

And used brown blankets while sleeping

So that he dreams of chocolates every night

Weird the boy was, this was a comical sight

His parents decided to teach him a lesson

He required a spoonful dose, a proper session

Took a steak (the guy hated steak), a frozen one

And arranged for hot melted cocoa at once

Layer by layer, they spread the hot melted treat

Thick choco coatings all over the dreaded steak

And was hardened in the fridge, a witty plan

Lo and Behold! A chocolate was formed man!

With a meaty filling, wasn’t that peculiar?

They offered it to their greedy son-oh dear!

Thinking it to be one, he pounced on it

His parents giggling, made a silent exit

Then they a heard a shrill screech of despair

The boy came running with swiftness upstairs

“I hate chocolate, I hate them” they taste so bad

The steak’s flavor, that’s what made him mad!

That he forgot the chocolate’s original flavor

And was entirely shocked by the new savor

Now whenever the guy sees a candy too

Runs away with intense rapidity, turns blue

So you see, we need to control our tongue

For not only babbling, but the greed to bung

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Most of us do

A limitation needs to be there, indeed true!


-Tanmaya Murthy

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  1. Kaustav Kashyap Das /

    d poems in our english textbuks sud be replaced by yours!!