Amazing Kids! Magazine

Your April L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor


Q & A’s

Q: What kind of horses love the night time?

A: The nightmares!


Q: What would you call a reindeer if it catches cold?

A: Rudolph!


Q: What would you call a dragon if it has a bad throat?

A: A dino-sore!


Q: What would you call a family that’s very popular?

A: A Fame-ily!


Q: What would you call a family with 8 members?

A: A Gr8 family!


Q: What kind of ship will never ever sink?

A: Friend-ship!




Who’s there?


Timmy who?

Timmy something I don’t know!




A FUNNY FAMILY EVENT………with a hint of sweet memories.

Little Andrew was not feeling sleepy at all. And the best way to bring his sleep back was to listen to a nice story from his Grandpa and fortunately Grandpa was coming to his room only to wish him goodnight. Andrew was very sure that his Grandpa’s story will be such an interesting one that a restless boy like him will surely fall asleep. Moreover, Andrew was so restless that he could never stay at one place for even five seconds but hard luck that he had school the very next day and Mom would never listen to him. He never liked going to bed to early.

“Grandpa! Grandpa! Do you have an interesting story to narrate? I am getting too bored!” Andrew said.

Grandpa replied, “Well yes I do have one but promise me that you will sleep well after I finish with the story.”

“Aye, Aye Captain! Count on me for that!”

Grandpa smiles and replies “Ok dear, so let’s begin with it.

The story is about a funny family event basically between a naughty grandson and a grandfather.

So you ready?” Andrew screamed with excitement, “I am already grandpa, just begin with it.”

Grandpa’s Narration of the story

This is the story of a very little naughty toddler grandson and his Grandpa. The tiny tot was very restless like you and used to crawl all the time and never stay at one place. He was very much attached to his Grandpa as he mostly used to stay with him when his parents were out for work. He was taken care of by his Grandpa every day of the week. But the incident, I am going to narrate is about one specific day.

It was a sunny and a pleasant morning when Grandpa was providing cereals for the little one’s breakfast. It was a scene to behold as whenever he used to eat, he used to spray the food from his mouth in different directions, indeed a funny scene!  When he finished eating, Grandpa left him to play with the rattles and stuff teddy bears and went to the front garden to water the new blossoms of chrysanthemums and petunias. He was very passionate about his flowers and his garden and always tried to beautify it in the best possible way. After the chore of gardening, he returned to his grandson’s room but the little one wasn’t there. Grandpa didn’t get tensed as he new that the baby was very restless and must have crawled to any of the other rooms but to his dreadful amazement, he wasn’t in any of the rooms as well. Grandpa now started getting anxious. He checked all the possible places including the store rooms, the washrooms and impossible places like the cupboards, wardrobes and what not! But there was no sight of the little one. The tiny tot just disappeared.

Grandpa was aware of the fact that his toddler grandson was very restless but it couldn’t possibly have gone out or people just don’t vanish into thin air. It was not even a year old. He was extremely worried and decided to inform his son and daughter in law about what happened. But he decided not to do so as it would only make matters worse and would bring in further tension. So he decided to take a second round of the entire house including the front garden but that was again in vain.

Grandpa sat on the front staircase of their house and was in a state of distress with hands on his head. The best way was now to inform the little one’s mom and dad. He was about to make a call when he heard voices of high pitched laughing- the voice was pretty familiar. Oh Yes! It was the voice of his baby grandson! But where was it coming from? He went closer to the place from where the voice was coming. Now he was very sure that from where it was coming. It was coming from the backyard- a place where he forgot to check at all! There he saw his little grandson, playing with one of the rabbits of the adjoining garden. Grandpa heaved a sigh of relief. But still there was still something different. He wasn’t crawling anymore! He was standing, trying to walk bit by bit, falling initially but he was walking after all!!! That was the first time as well- the most extraordinary moment for one to behold.  He laughed to the fullest by thinking that how anxious and tensed he had got, but just forgot to check the backyard!  He was eagerly waiting to crack the good news to the little one’s parents.

He picked the tiny tot up in his arms, kissed him and said “So you must have tried to walk towards the backyard and that is why you are here! And yes, you succeeded my dear naughty restless tiny bud”!

“So you see, that little baby was actually around only; in the backyard, it didn’t disappear anywhere. The best part was that the little one crossed its first stepping stone and started walking. How good was that! Wasn’t it? What do you think Andrew?”

Andrew replied with an elongated smile on his face, “Fabulous story Grandpa, I’ll call it funny as well as a sweet one. And I agree that the little one is just like me, totally restless! By the way what was the name of the tiny tot Grandpa?”

Grandpa smiled and replied, “The name of the little was not decided at that time but now everyone calls him Andrew Williams!”

Andrew was left with his mouth open, he asked with extreme astonishment “Grandpa! It was me? Oh well, so I was a restless child since long back! So you were the one who saw me walking for the first time! Grandpa, this was the best the story ever! I loved it and great enough as now I am feeling sleepy. Good night Grandpa and thanks a million for the recapitulation of this cute and funny family event where we both were the protagonists!”

Grandpa hugged his grandson and replied, “Good night, my dear naughty restless Andrew!”

-Tanmaya Murthy