Amazing Kids! Magazine

Your August L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor

Q & A’s

Q: What color is a burp?

A: Burple! (purple!)


Q: Which color can fly due to the wind’s action?

A: The color blue (blew)


Q: What’s black, white and red all over?

A: A zebra with sunburns.


Q: Which color can be eaten?

A: Peach!


Q: What is the baker’s favorite color?

A: Brown-ie!


Q: What is the dog’s favorite color?

A: Grrr-een!


Q: Why do the robbers hate the color ‘red’?

A:  Because they are always caught red-handed!



Submitted by Ryan Traynor, Age 11, California

Piano Tuner:  I’m here to tune your piano.

Mrs. Smith: But I didn’t call you.

Piano Tuner:  No, but all your neighbors did.


Teacher:  Cheryl, can you spell “wrong” for me?

Cheryl:  R-o-n-g.

Teacher:  That’s wrong.

Cheryl:  That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?


Patient:  Doctor, I broke my arm in two places!

Doctor:  Well, don’t go back to those two places again.


Teacher:  Why are you eating your spelling test?

Child:  You told us it was a piece of cake.



by Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor



Who’s there?


Yell who?

Yellow is my favorite color, what is yours?



By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor



Sherry a girl of about eleven, decided to spend her evening by cycling around her locality. Riding around the lush green parks with sweet smelling blooming daisies was what she really loved. For her, evening was the best time of the entire day.

That evening, Sherry was riding her bicycle when she saw something glistening on the ground. She picked it up and then found it to be a ruby ring. It was magnificent indeed! She was sure someone had lost it. She looked around the entire grounds to spot anyone who might be looking for something. Suddenly, she saw a woman wearing a yellow top and pants. She was frantically searching for something a few meters away from the grounds. And the anxious expression on her face depicted it clearly that she had lost something and maybe the ruby ring belonged to her. She drew the conclusion finally that the ruby ring belonged to this woman. She decided to go to her and hand over the ring.

Without wasting time, she took the ruby ring and kept it in her pocket and sat on her bicycle. She noticed that the lady went inside a black car and the car drove off immediately. Sherry rode her bicycle at top speed, trying not to lose sight of the black car. She followed it carefully but at a good speed. Suddenly the black car stopped. Sherry pressed the brakes and parked her cycle on the corner. The car’s door opened and the woman came out.

“Excuse me! I think you are the one who was looking for something on the grounds of our society, The Green View Society,” Sherry said.

The lady replied, “Yes, I was! How do you know that? What’s your name pretty girl?”

“My name is Sherry, I live in Green View and I found this ruby ring lying on the ground and a few meters distance away I saw you looking for something. So I though that probably this was yours. So I followed you to your house so that I can return it to you.”

The lady smiled and replied, “Oh dear! It’s really sweet of you to come such a distance just for me! I did lose something but unfortunately the ruby ring was not what I lost. Those were my house keys and found them alright. I am really sorry Sherry! I think you were mistaken. Such things happen…never mind!”

Sherry was amazed by that fact. Inside she was laughing out loud but was also sad that she couldn’t hand the ring to its rightful owner.

“So this is not your ring? I am so sorry to bother you”

“Miss Melanie”, replied the woman. “Hey Sherry, Perhaps you can have a drink of hot cocoa at my place, I am sure you must be tired!” offered Miss Melanie.

To this Sherry replied, “No thanks Miss Melanie because I really got to go. Mom must be waiting for me. Thanks anyway!”

Miss Melanie replied, “That’s perfectly fine. Sherry, I appreciate your honesty and your good deed. This will take you very far in life. It’s really thoughtful of you to do this! God bless you dear!”

Sherry, with a note of thanks bid Miss Melanie goodbye and headed towards her home. She was confused about what she should do with the ring. She was sad too because she wasn’t successful in her good deed. Maybe I should give it to the society authorities. They can decide what to do about it, she thought to herself.

When she again reached the spot where she found the lost ring, she saw someone there again looking for something. This time she knew who that person was – Mrs. Wilson, Sherry’s best friend’s mom.

Sherry called out, “Hello Mrs. Wilson! Have you lost something?”

“Oh hi Sherry.  Yes, I did lose something – my ruby ring. I had gone to a nearby store and it must have fallen off somewhere near here. How awful it is! It was my favorite and a one-of-a-kind. My prized possession!” replied Miss Wilson in a sad tone.

Sherry’s face beamed with joy. “Is this the ring you lost Miss Wilson?” asked Sherry with the ring in her hand.

“Well yes! This is the one! Where did you get it? Thank you so much! God bless you!” Mrs. Wilson screamed with joy.

Sherry was really happy because the ring was finally returned to its owner. And she felt glad that she contributed in that good deed. A feeling of heroism developed inside her on accomplishing her task – a task which could bring back a smile. She happily rode her bicycle around the lush green park and smelled the sweet smelling blossoms of daisies. What a great evening! she thought to herself.

How good it feels when you are successful in helping someone, doesn’t it? There can be twists and turns of course, like what happened with Sherry, but you should always enjoy the adventurous part!