Amazing Kids! Magazine

Your December L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor


Q & A’s

Q: Which is the ghost’s favorite game?

A: Hide and shriek!


Q: What day do the chickens hate?

A: Fry-day!


Short Humor Story

Dream Big!

A dreamer! That is the word that described me correctly. And when I think of this word, there is always a slight frown on my face. Whenever I dreamt of something, I usually had the opposite consequences in the reality. And for that simple reason, I didn’t like this six-letter word in the least bit.

“Jane, you are selected for the sprint finals in the annual athletic meet! All the best and go for gold!” Miss Jenkins the P.E mistress informed me in a hurry.  The news sounded amazing as well as haunting. What if I couldn’t match up with speed of my fellow competitors! What if I don’t win? But when I took a glimpse of the brighter side of the picture, I was overjoyed. I was participating and that too in the final race!  It meant a lot to me. If I win the medal, there couldn’t be anything better than that. It was my dream!!!

That night I had a dream. I am sure you all can guess what it was all about. Undoubtedly, about the sprint finals it was!

I was running, running, felt that my ankle twisted but it was alright, limped a little but I was on the right track, my speed boosting up….just a few steps to glory…my opponent also shedding sweat…but I was faster, faster than lightning (that’s what I felt! :P)…and finally I did it, I crossed the line, I won….yeah!! Victory! I was never so happy. The crowd applauded my performance. Phew!!! The sound of the audience’s applaud is indeed soothing to the ear.

But suddenly the sound became irritating; in fact the sound was hurting my ears real bad. Tring, Tring! With the sound, my dream was over and I realized that it was the sound of my alarm! 😛

Athletics meet! I was longing for this day to come but today I dreaded it! According to me, my dream meant that I wasn’t going to win at all. With a dreary face, I headed to school.

I saw Miss Jenkins hurrying towards me; “Jane, I hope you are ready! And please be a little cheerful. Your face shows as if everything’s over! Hope you slept well!” I told her that everything was fine and I was ready.

I felt that was the use of running and wasting my energy when the result was before me crystal clear. I had no hopes but my instructor had full faith in me. I got “pats on the back” by my bunch of friends when they all came to know that I had got shortlisted for the finals.

“Jane, we know you’ll do it! You are so efficient and deserving!” they said. I felt so bad. If I hadn’t got that optimistic dream last night….my spirits would have been a little high! I had to run with full speed no matter what the results were going to be. So, I dropped the idea of removing my name from the list.

The event began. After a few races, the sprint finals were to be held.  Those few races went very well! Everyone was on the field with full speed! Now it was my turn! I stood on my position and took a deep breath. The final whistle blew and I started off.  When, I was on the field, I forgot about the dream…I ran as fast as I could and didn’t look at the fellow participants! All I knew was that I ran real fast, crossed the final line and I was so breathless that I didn’t even bother to see where I stood, my position.  All I could see was my bunch of friends running towards me! Everything was so quick; my friends lifted me up and started shouting ‘Hurray!! Jane won!!! Three cheers for her!’ I simply couldn’t believe what they said. But how was that possible?? My dream coming true! I didn’t bother much on that fact and started rejoicing my victory along with my friends.

The triumphant moment was magical when I received my gold medal. It was my dream as I said before.  That day I realized how stupid I was. I considered my dreams as my enemy just because I felt that they never came true, rather just the opposite. Dreams come true! But if they don’t then don’t give up.  They will come true someday, if you are zealous about what you are doing!

-Tanmaya Murthy