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Your December L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor


Q & A’s

Q: Which is the teacher’s favorite tooth?

A: Wisdom!


Q: Why was the doctor feeling so hot?

A: Because he was fired!


Q: Why did the king go to the dentist?

A: To get his teeth crowned!


Q: Why did the doctor lose his temper?

A: Because he didn’t have any patients!


Q: Why didn’t the doctor buy a computer?

A: Because he preferred tablets rather than PC’s.


Q: What would you call an agent who’s spying underwater?

A: James Pond!


Q: Which metal did the policemen use to make badges?

A: Cop-per !



Who’s there?


Teacher who?

Teach her some manners please!



by Tanmaya Murthy           


A successful prankster, yeah that’s what I was. I loved to play practical jokes on people since I was in third grade…and now I am in the ninth grade and I have grown as a prankster (what an achievement indeed! :P). All were the victims of my pranks and tricks. I remember this not so funny (in reality it was funny!) incident which I actually never wanted to recall again but whenever I think of it, I can’t help laughing.

This happened when I was in eighth grade; I was the most popular prankster of school. We had recieved an announcement that our Geography teacher was going to change and the new teacher would be coming the very next day. Honestly, I was craving for a person to play a prank on and this was my golden opportunity. So me and my fellow pals (the ones who encouraged me to trouble people!) had a full fledged discussion on the topic.

Finally, I came with a great idea. We had planned to carve out one of the legs of the teacher’s chair in such a way that if he/she sat on it, it will result in a terrible downfall. So, we planned to do this after school hours when nobody was there. School was over and we remained in the class.  The matron asked us that what we were doing here and we assured her that we were there for completing our pending schoolwork. She believed every word and we started to do our bit of work. We sliced the leg in the right manner and quickly slipped out of the class. We waited was for the next day!

The wait was over. As soon as I entered the class…I made sure that the chair was in its right position for the prank. Everyone was seated….five minutes until the geography class to started. The new teacher entered. He seemed to have a good personality and he made a smart impression among the students. I had a mischievous grin spread across my face as this so called smart teacher was going to become the laughing stock for the day!

We were waiting for him to sit but to our not-so-good amazement, he said that- “Since it’s our first class, today I would prefer to stand and teach rather than sitting. Sitting on the chair is not the sign of an active teacher and today I am in a very restless mood! So unlike the regular way, let’s have a change!”

I was so shocked…but I never let my entire planning to go waste like that. So I opened my mouth and said, “Sir we really want you to be comfortable! Please do sit down. It’s one of the best furniture of our school-this chair; the most comfortable one! After all it’s your first day!”

The teacher was looking at me with a weird and suspicious expression and replied, “Seems like you are very interested for me to sit here. I guess you are not comfortable over there so come here and sit down please! I was left with my mouth open as I never expected this. I assured the teacher by saying that I was comfortable enough. But the teacher was not going to stop like that, he said “Well, I think you should better listen to me. I always want my students to be at ease. And don’t forget the fact that I am the teacher here. And my wish should be your command! Come here please.”

The tone of the teacher was not rude but it was upright. The students who always hated me as a prankster, insisted me to move on. They were pretty sure that the chair had something wrong with it and they wanted me to feel embarrassed. I just wanted to run away but I had no choice. These were the classmates whom I had played loads of pranks and they never supported me, why would they? So I went ahead, and sat on the chair and in no time, the leg broke off and with a huge thud, I fell down. And believe me, it was a painful fall! The entire classroom was laughing at me and I was shocked to see my friends laughing too. The teacher was also laughing to the core. I had become a victim of my own well planned prank! That day I realized that playing tricks on people was embarrassing and insulting.

That’s why I never wanted to recall this incident. But I have got to admit that it was indeed funny and I had become the ultimate prank,don’t you agree with me?

-Tanmaya Murthy