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Your February L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor

Q & A’s

Q: Why were early times called the ‘dark ages’?

A: Because they were so many knights!


Q: Why did early men rub stones to generate fire?

A: Because they rocked!


Q: What are protractor and set-squares afraid of?

A: The ruler! 😛


Q: What historical monument do animals love?

A: Great Wall of Hyena!


Q: How do horses exchange secret messages?

A: By the horse-code!


Q: Who designed King Arthur’s round table?

A: Sir-Cumference




Who’s there?


Wood who?

Voodoo magic is an art indeed, ain’t it?



by Tanmaya Murthy


I was always fascinated by the way inventions were carried out and how early men drew to final conclusions. By the way, my name is Joey, just a common person you see. But I lose my “ordinariness” when I try to do something out of the box. I had this deep interest in the way scientists made theories – the real life stories behind these theories. I wanted to try out all the ways in which scientists made laws in the history. Be it Newton’s Law of Gravity (the famous apple story!) or be it Archimedes “Eureka!” I also wanted to understand Science more precisely so these were the best ways in my point of view i.e. to sit under an apple tree and wait for an apple to fall on my head! Seems complicated and weird right? But during those times, I actually didn’t realize how stupid I was.

“The Apple Mishap” – It happened to me! Yes, you all guessed it right! My first mission was to sit under the apple tree and wait for the apple to fall on my head so that I felt like Sir Isaac Newton and thus I’ll be able to understand his law better. So finding an apple tree was not a tough job especially when one is living in the countryside. The tree I chose had many juicy apples and I felt content. So I sat under the tree and vowed to myself that I would not get up until and unless an apple fell on my head. The day passed like a flash of lightning but not a single apple detached from the branches. I waited patiently the entire evening as well. Since no results happened, I decided to spend the night under the tree with a positive hope that the next day an apple will surely drop on my head. The next day wasn’t sunny at all rather it was pretty windy – that was just what I needed. Suddenly a strong gust of wind blew. And yes! PLOP! An apple fell on my head. I was just about to scream in excitement when two, three more apples fell on me. I was happier as it seemed like a blessing but then more apples started falling on me one by one and then in groups of two or three. Initially I was happy but then the apples started falling continuously and it started hurting. I realized that actually a storm had hit the countryside, which made all the apples drop. The worst part was that they didn’t drop elsewhere but on me. My back, shoulders and my poor head were badly hurt and swollen. Bed-ridden for an entire week!

This incident made me realize that why certain people like  Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Archimedes, Mendel were called scientists; because they had a true presence of mind, something which I lacked indeed. I should have moved to a safer place. But the scientific wave of emotion inside me was so strong that I tried to repeat history; but for me that was a disaster just because my mind stopped working. 😛

I laugh out loud every time, I think about this weird yet funny incident. I tried out many more such experiments. I tried to copy these scientists again but those were even worse; you all will be laughing out loud the entire day and your stomachs will ache. So it’s better if I stop here…..

This is Joey signing off…see you later alligator! 😛 😀

-Tanmaya Murthy