Amazing Kids! Magazine

Your June L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Humor Column Editor, Tanmaya Murthy



By John Schimke, Age 13, Wisconsin

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to your house.
Knock Knock
Who’s there?
The Chicken!


Short Humor Poem


Our family decided to go on a vacation
Excited was I to the core, believe me!
Paris, the city for the expedition!
The best part was the tickets were free
For my dad had won a bumper prize
And thus a bunch of tickets came our way
We planned accordingly, right and precise
A trip to France! Wow! How eagerly I waited for the day!
I bragged about my holiday plans in school
Thought of the magnificent Eiffel Tower
Was it so huge and tall in reality too?
The country was sure to be beautiful, like a flower!
Tried to concentrate on my French lessons more
But hardly got a sentence clear and right!
Never gave the language much importance before
“How’ll I communicate there?” That was my plight
And the day finally came, joy had no bounds
As it was a morning flight, we left early
Reached the airport, after a few rounds
We all went inside quite excitedly
And then when we reached the check-in counter,
As soon as my turn came, the lady there smiled
Took my passport, examined it with a little laughter
“Sorry, we can’t check you in” she sighed
Your passport expired a week ago just
My mouth was left open, was she joking?
No one cared for my passport, wasn’t that a must?
They got the date wrong -that was heartbreaking!
What next? The trip got cancelled as expected
For mom and dad loved me, they wouldn’t go too
With a dull, gloomy face and a heavy heart we exited.
How happy my family was! Such incidents are few!
Dates are interpreted wrong, happens many times
These episodes only teach us a true lesson for life
Hope you learnt one too from the above lines
So that plans like these aren’t ruined like mine!

-Tanmaya Murthy