Amazing Kids! Magazine

Your March L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Brandon Kuske, LOL Editor


Q & A’s

Q. Why was the pediatrician always losing his temper?
A. Because he had little patients!

Q. What’s the leading cause of dry skin?
A. Towels!

Q. Want to hear a joke about construction?
A. I’m still working on it!

Knock-Knock Jokes!

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Kanga who?
No, kangaroo!

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
An alien!
An alien who?
Do you really know more than one alien?

And finally, a short play submitted by Hamzah Faisal from New Jersey!

Danny: a teenage boy
Mom: international surgeon, Danny’s mom

Narrator: It has been three days since Danny dropped off his mom at the airport. His mom had to go to Canada to perform a surgery on one of her patients. Danny’s mom was supposed to call Danny as soon as she checked in at her hotel. It took longer than expected. Now Danny’s phone rings.

Danny: Hey, Mom!

Mom: Hey, Danny! How’s everything going?

Danny: Like, everything is totes okay.

Mom: Oh, really…

Narrator: Danny knew something bad was going to happen.

Mom: Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you that I booked an appointment for you. You know, to get your eyes checked.

Danny: Mom. That’s totes cray cray. Totally not cool.

Mom: Would you like to know what’s really “totes cray cray,” mister? You booked me a flight to China! I wanted to go to Canada, not China! If you would have gotten your eyes checked before this, I wouldn’t have to lie to my boss!

Danny: Like, I thought you wanted to go to China. I mean, like…

Mom: As soon as I get home, I’m going to take away your phone.

Danny: Mom, okay. I’m sorry. If only I got my eyes and ears checked.

Mom: I booked a flight from China to get back home and told my boss that they delayed ALL flights to Canada because of a blizzard. I am so lucky that he was half sleeping when I called him.

Danny: I’m so sorry. I’ll make a special surprise for you.

Mom: Ah, it’s okay, honey. You don’t have to do anything for me. I’m just so frustrated. I can’t wait for your surprise.

Danny: Bye!

Narrator: Five days later, Danny called his Mom.

Danny: Hey, Mom!

Mom: Hey, Danny! I’m outside the house right now. Open the door!

Danny: Mom! I wanted to come to China to visit you. I’m, like, in China. You know!

Mom: Oh, my gosh…