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Your March L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor



Q & A’s

Q: What is the center of a tornado?

A: N!


Q: Why did the germ cross the microscope?

A: To get to the other slide!


Q: What did Carbon say to oxygen?

A: You have this realistic element in you!


Q: Which mirrors do the lions have in their dens?

A: Con-cave mirrors!


Q: How would you name a scientist who studies fire?

A: Blaze Pascal!


Q: Why are the atoms of metals always happy?

A: Because they are positively charged!





Woo who?

Woo hoo! It’s science period!



by Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor

The Experimenting Friends

I had this totally extreme weird circle of friends in school. The peculiar thing in us was that we always liked to try out experiments, scientific ones. Please don’t ever think that we belonged to those spectacled geeky lots!  It’s just that these experiments kind of fascinated us and we were always tempted to perform them. The interesting part was that we carried out these experiments in any of our friend’s place and we never tried them out in school. The reason was that certain experiments were not carried out in school because of the high reactivity of certain elements and compounds.

I remember this real funny incident actually an experiment mishap! Initially when we learnt about elements in Chemistry, we saw most of the elements in lab, but of course we were never allowed to touch them. We had this deep interest on the element sodium on why it was being stored in kerosene. Obviously, it was a reactive metal and catches fire when exposed to air because of its low melting point. This was the particular thing that increased our curiosity levels because we wanted to test this by taking it out from the kerosene bottle. We all had a discussion on trying it out.  And we all decided that this experiment was to be held at my home. At that time only one was thing was on my mind-“All the best mom and dad!” 😛 And of course they were not aware of my stupid experimentations.

We again discussed on how we would be doing it. But the main problem was to get solid sodium immersed in kerosene which was indeed difficult to get. There was only one way to solve this crisis. We decided to sneak into the lab after school hours and quickly grab the kerosene jar in which the sodium was suspended. I was already very experienced in such tasks so I decided to do it since I was hosting this experiment at my place. So after school was over, I did my job very smartly even though the lab assistant was troubling us initially but we got rid of him by telling him that some teacher had called him up. We got hold of the bottle but we vowed to ourselves that once the experiment was over, we would surely place it back. We quickly moved out before the lab assistant came.

Now we had to try out what we wanted to. We quickly went to my room. Mom was suspicious but satisfied as I told that we all planned to do a group study at my place.  I arranged a pair of tongs to take out the solid sodium out of the kerosene. I took out the solid sodium and behold! Flames started appearing…woo hoo!! Mission accomplished. It was no less than magic for us. But in the sheer excitement, I slipped, the tongs fell of my hand, actually it flew in the air and the tongs along with the solid sodium landed on my newly made biology project! The front page turned black-burnt and ruined!

“Please someone get that wretched thing out of my project….oh god!” I screamed.

It was impossible for us to remove it as it was burning with flames and it was not practical for us to touch it. However, one of my friends brushed it off using a broomstick and this time it landed on my new t-shirt, which mom had just bought for me and had kept it on my bed!  The t-shirt also started showing black spots because it got in contact with fire! I with full power kicked it away and this time it flew in the air and had a perfect landing on the kerosene bottle itself! Phew! We were lucky on that part.  We all laughed until we literally cried as it was a series of totally funny events. This was funny but it was dangerous as well, so we never dared to repeat it and I advise everyone the same. I got a spoonful of punishment for ruining my project and the new t shirt when I confessed the incident to my mom. But the best part was that we replaced the kerosene jar back in its place without anybody noticing! 😀

-Tanmaya Murthy