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Your May L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor


Q & A’s

Q: Which insect is a good sportsperson?

A: A Cricket!


Q: Why did the farmer sow money instead of seeds?

A: To make his soil richer!


Q: Why do the bees not give time to their families?

A: Because they are always busy!


Q: Why should all the patients LOL?

A: Because Laughter is the best Medicine!




Who’s there?


May who?

May you always stay happy!


SHORT HUMOR STORY (rather a motivating fictional story!)



Everyone gets to learn a different kind of lesson one day or the other. And I personally feel when people are taught such lessons; it leads to nothing but sheer improvement in oneself. Even I learnt a very important lesson of my life one day, and I can see the positive development inside me crystal clear. I had a habit of always discouraging myself. My hopes of winning or crossing any sort of milestone were always lowered down. I feared that if I started expecting a lot from myself, I would soon turn into an overconfident person.

Once our school organized a debate competition and my teachers insisted me to take part too. I wasn’t sure on my capabilities. But nevertheless, I decided to take part. Soon, I was given my speech material and I was also asked to rehearse it well. I had this very good mugging up ability, so I memorized the entire debate’s speech. I still had a kind of hesitation and stage fright inside me.

For the next few days, all went well. I was pretty calm and cool. The competition was coming near and now only one day was left. The day before the competition, I had butterflies in my stomach and tension started rising. Though I had prepared well, I was kind of still unsure about my preparation. I was very sure that I had no chance for winning as I felt that there are going to be better debaters than me who would be delivering their messages better.

That night I kept on thinking negatively. All the optimism inside me had drained out. I kept on telling myself, “It’s just a competition and I know that I am not gonna win, so I should stop thinking about it!”  I had this wrong notion that if I’ll think negatively and low of myself then maybe I’ll have better chances of winning. Little did I know that positivity is indeed an important factor during such phases of life!

The next morning, with a dull and nervous face I went to school. The competition finally started. I had to speak at the fourth place. My fellow competitors spoke so well, with so much confidence and fluency, I started getting chills down the spine. Nervousness increased and confidence decreased to the core, I had no faith and hope for emerging victorious.

Finally my turn came and with shivering legs I went to the stage. The bell rang and I started speaking. Within the next half minute, I turned entirely blank, couldn’t utter a word and forgot everything. All I could say was a ‘Thank you’ at the ring of the second bell .I just don’t know how! All the competitors had beaming faces before and after competition. But in my case, I had a frowning face! And I became a complete laughing stock on the stage.

Today when I recall that incident, I could realize very easily that why I turned blank that day, why I forgot everything that I had learnt so well. It was not because I lacked the capability, it was because I lacked the positivity. If I had an optimistic outlook towards the competition, I could have seriously performed better. I kept on telling myself that ‘I couldn’t do it’ and that was the foremost reason why I actually couldn’t do it. If I had even a small amount of faith in myself, I could have delivered my speech better.  If I looked at the brighter side of things, my nervousness would have been automatically lessened.

That was an important lesson I learnt that day. I still yearn to keep on improving myself, and for that optimism and cheerfulness is required. Small inputs of positivity, a smile on your face and faith are the perfect ingredients for a victorious recipe with wholesome goodness. For that we need not be overconfident as confidence should be maintained at certain levels. The power of positive thinking and goal setting will always help in being the best ‘you’! Well, don’t you think so?…….

-Tanmaya Murthy