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Your November L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor


Short Humor Story

Was it Really a Mistake?

It was quite a bad beginning to the day. Well, how can you expect a day to have a good start if you forget your geometry box for your math exam? I was never so careless! The night before the exam, I had packed all the necessities for my exam and I checked twice whether all of them were present inside my school bag or not. You won’t expect a person to forget things if he checks his bag twice. But I had taken my geometry box out just for the sake of revising my lessons early morning and it was so foolish of me to forget it there on my study table itself! It was ridiculous!

I was tensed when the bell rang for the beginning of the exam and I realized that I had left it at home!

“Now what?” I thought to myself. I had to get a geometry box as it had the major instruments I needed. I decided that I would borrow it from one of my juniors as the junior classes were just below the first floor.

So I rushed downstairs, got into the sixth graders’ classroom and literally shouted, asking, “Does anyone having a geometry box, I urgently need those math instruments for my exam which is just now.”

For a moment, all stared at me thinking that I had gone crazy. Realizing that I had actually used a louder tone, a repeated my request in a rather polite and subtle tone. Luckily, a girl came to me and handed me a box of her instruments.  I thanked her and quickly ran upstairs and finally sat down to give my exam.

After the exam, school was over and I rushed home.  I had forgotten to return the girl her box and I realized this fact while I was having dinner. I decided that I would give it to her tomorrow morning as soon as I reach school.  I was about to go to bed when my  little sister who was a sixth grader as well came to me and said that she wanted me to deliver a gift to one of her friends for her birthday in her class as she wasn’t going to school tomorrow.  The girl was in the same class of the other girl from whom I had taken the box. “What’s your friend’s name?” I asked. ‘Vanessa’, she replied. I said that I’ll surely give it to her.

The next day I went to school. I was already late and so I rushed to my sister’s class. Since I was in a hurry, I handed the packet to one of her classmates and told her, “Please give this to Vanessa.”

Then I rushed upstairs to my class. I was in such a hurry that I didn’t realize that the packet also had the geometry box of the other girl whose name I didn’t know! How stupid of me indeed!

When I just realized about my mistake, I decided to go to the sixth grade again. As I stepped out of my class, a girl came rushing to me and handed me a note, telling me that it was from a girl who was studying in sixth grade. And this is what it said:

“Thanks for returning my instruments. And please thank your sister, Annika for such a lovely birthday gift! –Vanessa”

I was kind of amazed. My mistake was not actually a mistake thought it was a mistake; a foolish person like me would only make such a statement!  Nevertheless, I was happy that I had delivered both the things to the right person but I know that I have to be more careful in future as I am sure I won’t be as lucky as I was that day. 😛

-Tanmaya Murthy