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Your November L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Humor Column Editor, Tanmaya Murthy


Q & A’s 

Q: Why is the child seem so bright?

A: Because his name is Sunny!


Q: Which is the most flexible season?

A: Spring!


Q: Why are mice afraid of the rainy season?

A: Because it rains cats and dogs!


Q: Why did summer ask for spring’s help?

A: Because it was going to fall!


Q: Why is the summer season angry all the time?

A: Because it has a high temper-ature!




Who’s there?


Weather who?

Whether Summer or whether winter, I love them all!


SUBMISSIONS by Ryan Traynor, Age 12, California


1) What did E.T.’s mom say when he got home?

“Where on Earth have you been?”


2) What did everyone catch on board the Enterprise?

The chicken Spocks!


3) What did the ones say to the threes and fives?

“May the fours be with you.”



by Tanmaya Murthy



As usual, my mother gave me more work! Even on Sundays, she won’t let me enjoy the day! She had to leave for her work and the errand she gave me was to deliver a parcel to the post office. The worst part was that she was in such a hurry that she forgot to write the address. She had left for her office but she came running back and told me that the address was that of Miss Doughnut which was written on a strip of paper at the top of our fridge. She told me to copy it down on the parcel, as she was late. I knew Miss Doughnut! A snobbish lady who considers my mom her best friend! I remember her very well because the last time she came she pulled my cheeks really hard. Actually, she does it with everyone! Pulling cheeks for no reason! Now, I had to get the address of Miss Doughnut, which was written, on a strip of paper at the top of our fridge. However, I remembered her address quite well! It was house number 45/C and the lane’s name was the name of some fruit,

“Yes! Cherry lane!!” I screamed.

I quickly copied the address on the parcel box and headed towards the post office. “The sooner, the better!” I spoke to myself. After completing my task, I returned home. I spent my entire day the way I wanted to. Mom returned in the evening and asked me if I delivered the parcel to the post office safely. I said yes.

She kissed me on my forehead and said “My sweet baby!” This gave me an indication that the parcel was an important one.

The next day, mom woke me up. I washed myself and headed towards the dining room for breakfast. When mom was pouring some juice for me, the phone rang. Mom took the call and her expression changed.

She was literally shouting “What the parcel got undelivered? How is it possible? My daughter had the parcel with the address too! I can’t believe this! Ok fine, I’ll look into the matter. Thank you.”

Suddenly mom’s sharp eyes where eyeing towards me. Then in a stern tone, she asked me, “Amelia! Did you surely deliver the parcel to the post office? The parcel got undelivered due to some problem and has been returned. We have to collect it again. I don’t understand at all!”

I replied, “I swear mom, I did deliver the parcel. I wrote the address too!”

“Did you copy down the address of Miss Doughnut which was written on a strip of paper at the top of our fridge?” Mom asked.

I replied, “Mom, I didn’t copy it…I remembered it so it wrote it myself!”

“There you are!”, Mom’s stern reply came. “Go and get the address right now!”

I ran towards the kitchen, got the address and handed it to mom. Mom read it out aloud “House no. 45/C, Berry Lane, is that what you wrote?”

I knew my mistake now. Instead of Berry Lane, I wrote Cherry Lane. When I confessed to mom, she said “Laziness has limits Amelia! It wouldn’t have cost much if you had double checked the address of Miss Doughnut which was written on a strip of paper at the top of our fridge!”

I was feeling ashamed indeed but then I saw my mom laughing out loud because of my clumsy behavior. Realizing that this was no less than a funny incident, even I started laughing with her! 😛


-Tanmaya Murthy J