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Your September L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor


Q & A’s

Q: What did the sandstone say to the geologist?

A: Don’t take me for granite!


Q: Which is the scientist’s favourite snack?

A: Experi-mints!


Q: What do you call a sleeping bull?

A: A bull-dozer!


Q: What is the difference between a fly and a honeybee?

A: A honeybee can fly but a fly can’t honeybee!





Who’s there?


Renee who?

Rainy season is my favourite


Short Humour Story

My “Out of the Box” Invention

By Tanmaya Murthy

So, I invented this ‘Super Sleuth- Burglar Detector’ and I was quite proud of my  new discovery. Since a long time ago, I had this knack of making new discoveries but I feared to reveal it to the world. What if they make fun of my discoveries and inventions? What if they call my principles illogical? So you see, my findings usually never became famous just because of this simple reason.

But when I invented the “Super Sleuth Burglar Detector,” I wasn’t going to repeat what I did earlier. I was highly determined to reveal this supernatural invention (although there wasn’t anything paranormal about it 😛 ) to everyone as it was a result of pure hard work, dedication and a lot of research. I was sure that no one would criticize this particular invention of mine.

“Super Sleuth Burglar Detector,” admit it, the name does sound nice! I just want to make you all familiar with the working of my invention. You all are very aware of the fact that burglary cases are increasing in each and every part of the world. To avoid such cases and to teach the thieves a good lesson, the idea of this invention was conceived.

Basically it’s a machine with loads of wiring but the workings of this machine is pretty simple. I won’t go much into the scientific part of it as it is very complicated. Usually, the best passage to get into the target house for any thief is the window! So you attach this machine near any of your windows. There is a sort of pedal in the machine which has been placed in such a manner that as soon as a thief enters the house, he steps onto the pedal, the pedal gives a signal followed up by a screeching noise which further activates a switch. The switch causes a bucket filled with a thick mixture of mud and water that has been tied high up on the ceiling to be emptied on the culprit! This is further followed by a spring punch on the burglar’s face.  The noise is high enough to wake up your neighbours and they will soon come with sticks in their hands to teach the thief a good lesson! The extensive wiring enables the machine to be connected to each and every window of the house. This actually reduced burglary in my place at least.

I inaugurated this machine around two years back and I was the first proud customer of my own machine though I didn’t have to buy it!  Sounds weird right? I was once returning from the supermarket and it was quite late at night. I reached home and as I tried to unlock the door, it wasn’t opening at all! Perhaps it had been jammed! I tried a lot, checked the keys, what if I had got the wrong bunch? But these were perfectly alright and the original ones too. I wondered why! I didn’t want to break open the door as it was made of mahogany wood and people envied me as the front door of my house was one of the best of its kind!

Now I had only one option! Yes, you guessed it right, to use one of the windows. I opened one of the windows and as I stepped onto the marble floor, I realized that it wasn’t the floor but it was the pedal of my ‘Super Sleuth-Burglar detector’. A screeching noise hurt my ears, a bucket full of the gross mixture was emptied on my head, followed by a punch; POW! I was helpless! I heard footsteps, running footsteps; all were directed towards me! They were my neighbours who thought that I was the thief who was trying to enter the house. They came along with their sticks and now you can imagine what must have happened!  All I can say was that I became a victim of my own invention. I totally forgot that day that my “Super Sleuth Burglar Detector” was attached to that window! Later, I also realized that day I had used the back door to go out to the supermarket and my front door was locked from inside. When my neighbours realized that it was none other than me, they apologized. They are feeling sorry for me as well as my stupid invention. I became a complete laughing stock that day and those injuries made me feel sorry for all the burglars. I immediately removed the machine which is now in one of those city dustbins! Every time I remember this incident, I feel sorry for myself but in the end I break into peals of laughter! So, that was a small funny incident about one of my bizarre inventions but this incident has never discouraged me. I am still on the quest of making new discoveries and I am sure that one day my invention will receive world acclamation. It’s just the beginning…

-Tanmaya Murthy