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Your September L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud! Humor Column)

By Tanmaya Murthy, Humor Column Editor


Q & A’s

Q: What did one toy say to the other?

A: Can you please lend me a doll-ar!


Q: Why is money called dough?

A: Because we all knead it!


Q: Why everyone called the fat man expensive?

A: Because the weighing machine said 390 pounds!


Q: A man didn’t do any work at all, didn’t earn any money… but still he was a millionaire! How was this possible?

A: Because earlier he was a billionaire! 😛


Q:  Where do fishes keep their money?

A: In the river-banks!


Q: Why did the girl exchange dollars for cents?

A: Because they had a lovely aroma! (scent)



Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Andrew who?

Andrew all her money out of the bank!


Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Buckle who?

Buckle get you a drink but not much else!




First Robber:  Oh no, it’s the cops!  Jump out the window!

Second Robber:  You must be joking – we’re on the thirteenth floor!

First Robber:  Just do it!  This is no time to be superstitious.


Inmate #1:  What are you in jail for?

Inmate #2:  Driving too slow.

Inmate #1:  What? Don’t you mean driving too fast?

Inmate #2No.  I mean too slow. The cops caught me.


Copilot:  Captain, we’re now going faster than the speed of sound!

Pilot:  What?


What goes Hahahahahaaaaaaaaah! Thump!?

Laughing your head off!



by Tanmaya Murthy


A spine-chilling night

Whenever I go down memory lane, there is one incident that I will always remember. It was an occurrence which I can never forget! It was a chilly spooky night where my fear levels were tested! It was probably the only night of my life when I was so scared that I couldn’t think of anything else. It started off when I was coming home back from my piano class. The sky suddenly started raining and I was really happy because rain always makes my day. I didn’t mind, well who could mind such weather? Little did I know, the rainy weather was actually an indication to something I could never dream of! I was walking along Mulberry lane, which was a pathway to my house. Slowly it started raining more heavily, clouds thundered like as if they were filled with anger! Still I didn’t mind but the weather crossed my limits, strong winds blew, and water poured continuously. Soon I wasn’t able to see a single thing! A very strong gust of wind blew me away, I wasn’t actually flying but I was in the air! I then landed smoothly on the surface of an isolated island which was no doubt very far from home. I was in a state of shock and horrifying amazement! All I could hear was the hooting of owls, creepy voices made by lizards and what not! The sea of storms gave me chills down my spine! I saw a little ray of hope when I caught sight of a tree, which could give shelter for the night at least! I ran towards the tree and sat under it, my tired eyes were tired  but they didn’t get a chance to close because the tree uprooted and flew away with the wind! Gosh! How could that be possible? A huge tree was uprooted by the wind! I was like a helpless wanderer. Suddenly I heard certain noises, footsteps in fact and then a humanly figure coming towards me. I hoped that this person could help me. Dressed entirely in black, the figure came towards me but as soon as I tried to touch it, the person disappeared like a flash of lightening! However, the worst was yet to come. The island broke into pieces! I had to leave the island as it could topple over anytime. I had no option but to jump into the water. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and jumped into the water from the island. However, when I landed, it was rough, hard and wasn’t water at all. I opened my eyes and saw the weirdest sight ever, purple walls, windows, an almirah, a book shelf and on top of me a bed; I knew this room very well. I was flat on the floor of my bedroom! I then realized that this entire adventure was a nightmare which seemed so realistic! When I was jumping into the water from the island (a dream!), I actually jumped from my bed to the floor. That’s why it hurt so much! I laughed until I cried. Whenever, even today when I think of that incident I can’t stop laughing……I got so scared for just an unrealistic creepy dream….! Think if it had been for real, Gosh! Thankfully it was just a nightmare, a humorous night indeed…wasn’t it?