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A Product Review of a Trading App for Kids – KidsTrade

By Victoria Feng, Money Smarts Editor


It is never too early to get kids involved in the business and money world. So when I heard about KidsTrade, I was excited.  It is a great way to let kids earn a buck or two and receive new games and toys in exchange for the old ones. The founder, a mom, created KidsTrade because her children got bored with a game or toy.  I know many kids who have quickly lost interest in a toy or game.  Parents are pleased with this new app because when kids use it to trade toys, it saves money and the kids are happy to play with a new item.  Currently the iOS version of KidsTrade is free without in- app purchases.

The economy depends on sellers and buyers, supply and demand, etc. Kids today are tomorrow’s future dealmakers. With KidsTrade, kids can get their feet wet in the business world. You don’t have to start with something big. You can start trading with something small, like an old book you read years ago. Even though you may not enjoy it anymore, there’s probably someone out there who does, and perhaps you’ll like their items too.

There are some brilliant features KidsTrade has included to make using the app very easy. Posting and asking to trade items is almost effortless, and the design is pretty and modern. Classmates can chat with each other and ask questions before sealing the deal- and you can always say no. You can also make business cards and hand them around school so everyone can know your username and look at all the good stuff you have to trade. This app was designed with kid comfort and usability strongly in mind, and is appropriate for all ages of kids. Parents must approve every toy or game kids post. If you are in an uncomfortable conversation, simply press the ‘Report’ button and the app will stop the chat.

While using this app, there are some things to keep in mind. There is a thing called ‘trade backs’ but KidsTrade is not responsible if you are unhappy with the trade. The app is also not accountable for unfair trades, like a doll exchanged for a sticker sheet. Most people who will trade with you will say no ‘trade backs’, especially if they got the better end of the deal. So if you are considering making a trade, I strongly recommend you talk to your parents and consider it before making the final deal. This app still requires kids to meet in person to trade, so make sure you meet in a safe environment such as at the school bus stop or in class. Also, there may not be as many kids at your school who are interested in using this app; try not to be disappointed if you don’t see any stuff you like.

As long as you are careful and work under your parent’s guidance, KidsTrade is the app for you. It gives you an introduction to bartering and gets you some awesome new stuff!