Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Better Choice

By Maryiam Syed


There were once two sisters named Catherine and Carla. Catherine was greedy while Carla was thankful and generous. Both of them were very poor and needed help. One day they met a wizard named Merlin, and he said, “You must choose wisely—either a large house full of food or a bag full of pumpkin seeds—but remember you must give them back to me after one year.”

Catherine took the large house full of food. She was so happy, thinking that she made the better choice and that now she would be so rich. Carla took the bag full of pumpkin seeds. Clearly, she was thinking of a big idea in her head. Catherine ate all her food, hoping she had enough. She sold some of the food to buy dresses for herself. She lived a very happy life the entire year. On the other hand, poor Carla worked so hard growing those pumpkin seeds. It took so long for pumpkins to grow, but she had hope in her eyes. After many days, her garden was filled with pumpkins. Carla decided to sell some of her pumpkins and help others with the money earned.

Unlike Catherine, Carla worked hard and made her own food. Catherine laughed at Carla and said, “That’s nonsense! My food will last forever.”

“Stop bragging. You are always greedy,” said Carla.

“Quit talking, smarty pants. I picked the better choice,” said Catherine.

“Quiet!” said a voice.

“What was that?” asked Carla.

“That’s me. Look up, and you will see.” It was Merlin sitting on his chair. Merlin asked them to bring back his house full of food and bag full of pumpkin seeds. Catherine was a bit worried because she finished all her food whereas Carla ran and brought back the bag full of pumpkin seeds from her garden.

“Oh, no, my food is all gone,” said Catherine.

Carla looked at her and said, “I knew you didn’t pick the better choice.” So Carla lived happily, and she earned some gold coins from Merlin. Catherine lived sad and lonely, and she didn’t earn anything. She thought it would have been better if she had worked hard like her sister, Carla. Carla was so generous that she gave a few pumpkin seeds to her sister and gave her advice to grow her own food. The sisters learned not to be greedy and to work hard to achieve their goals.