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Chinese Ghosts Stories

By Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Kids Editor


Have you ever experienced spine tingles after reading ghost stories?

I want to share that China has very scary ghost stories. Ancient Chinese culture took the idea of the presence of ghosts very seriously. In modern-day China, as well, the people believe they can be harmed by ghosts.

According to ancient Chinese culture, there were two parts of the soul: the Po and the Hun. The Po is the Yin aspect, and Hun is the Yang aspect.

The Po was associated with the darkness, earth, and the water. The Hun was associated with light, fire, and heavens and showed intelligence and reason. These two parts of the soul worked together. The Hun (reason) governed the Po (instinct), but the Hun needed the Po in order to survive. These two parts of the soul worked together to make life possible for a person, but spirits could return if proper burial rituals were not done.

Stories of haunted houses, haunting relatives, or ghosts appearing to strangers needing help are all examples of Po hauntings. The Hun hauntings, on the other hand, are different because Hun is not attached to the body. Possessed People, appearing as though they are still alive or taking revenge, are examples of Hun hauntings.

There are many types of ghosts. A dangerous one is the water ghost called Shui Gui. It comes if someone drowned in water and died or if someone’s body was not discovered or burial was not done properly. The Shui Gui lures people to the water and drowns them.

Another type of ghost is the Hungry ghost. It has been famous out of all the ghosts since Buddhism came to China after the First Century. These ghost spirits come when someone has been too greedy and ungrateful. They are mostly shown as big bellies with small mouths and small necks. These spirits come and ask people for food.

In the end, I just want to say that Halloween is coming up soon. Don’t get too spooked before then!

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