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Dare2BDigital Conference in San Jose, CA

By Gen L’Esperance, Sci-Tech Kids Columnist

On February 12th I was delighted to host the 2nd annual Dare2BDigital event in San Jose CA and made 450 new friends over the course of over 24 hours. This had to be one of the best all-girls conferences I have seen yet. Companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and Google all came together to show girls that technology is a girl’s thing too and they all got the opportunity to learn just how good we are at programming, video editing, building apps and making robots. I met and interviewed Oracle’s Vice President Sue Zwinger and spent the day teaching girls Small Basic programming. I closed the day by giving away an exciting array of prizes and went through the audience asking questions and then getting some one-on-one interviews with parents, teachers and attendees. Over the next two issues you’ll see more about the event, people and technologies that made Dare2BDigital such a great hit.

If you’re interested about next year’s event just keep your eye on this site::

Dare2bDigital had several, diverse workshops for girls (and even tracks for their parents). Google introduced them to AppInventor, Apple taught them how to use iMovie and PhotoBooth, and Lego/IBM held a robotics workshop!! Sharon Perl, Senior Software Engineer at Google introduced me to the Google AppInventor and Kitty!


Watch the videos below to see all the amazing things the conference had to offer.


Teacher Testimonial

Girls’ Testimonials

Parent Testimonial

School Group Testimonial

Google App Inventor