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Expedition Central America: Nicaragua, Off Camera

By Enzo Monfre, SciTech Kids Columnist


Last month, I wrote about our expedition to Central America – our trip through Costa Rica. This month, my journal entries are from the second half of that expedition, during our trip to Nicaragua.

Exploration Nation and a team of awesome doctors, dentists and former Special Forces went on a medical aid mission to help the Rama Indians.

What I’m writing now is not everything that happened, just some journal entries about what happened when the cameras were not rolling. Basically, this is what happened off camera.

[Journaling is an easy and great way to record your adventures when you travel.] 

Tuesday 4/9: We left Costa Rica and travelled on a six hour boat ride to get to the Rio Indio Lodge in Nicaragua. Usually, it’s only a three hour trip, but the river was really low. Our boat driver had to slowly travel through channels to avoid sandbars and logs.

Along the way we saw huge crocodiles, howler monkeys, neon green birds, and all sorts of cool stuff.

Wednesday 4/10: We shot the episode “The Last Shaman.” The shaman is the medicine man and spiritual leader for the tribe of Rama Indians we where delivering the medical aid to. The shaman was really nice and gave Emma a pineapple… She named it Steve.

Friday 4/12: We shot the jungle survival segment. We made drinking vessels out of bamboo. (P.S. starting a fire, even with tools, is challenging.)

We saw a tapir – they really stink!

Saturday 4/13: We took a short boat ride to the village, San Juan de Nicaragua and deployed the medical clinic. Word spread fast that doctors and dentists were there to help. It felt good to help.

Sunday 4/14: The medics and some of the crew returned to the village, some went fishing and I went kayaking.

We ate Steve, the pineapple, that night. It was the best pineapple that I ever tasted.

Tuesday 4/16: We had to wake up at 2:30 a.m. to get to the airport on time. It was a long day of traveling, but we make it home. (Some of our luggage didn’t though.)

It took almost a year to make this mission happen, sometimes it seemed impossible, but with the help of many kind people and a lot of hard work… We did it!

Keep Exploring!