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Has Technology Enslaved Mankind?

Alakshendra Singh, age 13, Delhi, India


In the 21st century technology is everywhere. From ordering groceries to travelling and communication, we use it for doing everything in the book. Improvement in technology happens after years of hard work. Whenever a gadget has been launched, there is a buzz in the whole town. But, is technological improvement only a boon or can it be considered a curse?

New Technology is always launched to make improvements in life and lifestyle, but  it is us who decide what to make of it. Whenever we buy a new gadget or a phone we tend to find some fault in it. It is human nature that we always strive for more, yearning for the better product. That striving for improvement is good and important for technology to move forward, but even the good things in excess can be harmful. When this happens, the gadgets start controlling us instead of us controlling them, which is not good. Surveys tell us that 1 out of 8 people are addicted to their mobile phone. Even while driving people use their phone for texting or calling. According to research, the average time people take to text a message is five seconds and at the average speed driving of 55 mph, those five seconds would take your car across a football field. Imagine doing that distance blindfolded.  Man depends on machines for everything. There was a time when man used to use a pair of legs instead of cars or bikes. Even this has its side effects. Some side effects harm us, and some harm nature. Harmful pollutants and carbon dioxide damage nature and increase the carbon dioxide content in the air. Sitting in front of a computer all day or sitting working with gadgets causes less physical activity, leading to obesity. But I think that there is still a chance to take a U-turn, still there is a chance to make things better.

A dog can bite but never overrule his master.  Technology may have turned many of us into addicts of gadgets or the easy way, but we still have the decision in our hand. The decision of picking up the bicycle keys instead of the car keys, the decision of picking up the bat and ball instead of the gaming console. Technology may have enslaved some, but now it is high time that we show technology who is the boss.