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By Aazan Ahmad, Age 13, South Korea


Lorikeets are also known as “Rainbow Lorikeets.” They are similar to parrots. They live on the eastern and northeastern part of Australia. They live in woodlands, suburban gardens, and  forests.

They are one of the most colorful parrots in Australia. They have a dark blue head, with a yellow-green collar. They have a red beak. They have a violet-colored belly and an orange chest. Their tail and back are green. Underneath the wings, the color is orange, when they are stretched. On their thighs, they have yellow patches.

They are about 32 centimeters long, including their tail. They continuously make loud screeching chattering calls, in groups, from  tree to tree. They eat fruits, seeds, and insects. They use a brush, which is on the tip of their tongue, to get nectar and pollen from inside blossoms and other flowers.

Breeding usually happens from August to January. A female lorikeet lays 2-3 eggs, and it takes 23 days for the eggs to hatch. However, it doesn’t sit on the eggs. Both males and females feed the babies. After 8 weeks, the babies leave their parents to start their own life.