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My Life with Minimal Technology in Middle School

By Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Kids Editor


Technology has changed the way how education is imparted to the students in school these days. I had my elementary schooling on a campus which was totally technology-based. Every day, we used chrome carts, iPad, and computers for almost everything. The school found a way to incorporate tech into every subject!

English: Padlet (Online Logging Books Site)

Math: Prodigy (Math Game)

Projects: (Minecraft and Presentations)

It was like studying in a huge tech world 🙂 Even all the tests were online!

But when I moved to my middle school, there was minimal use of electronics. Classroom assignments were done with mostly pencil and paper. Since I was so used to electronics, it took a while to get used to it. But then I found that without electronics, we understand more because we are able to collaborate with each other and not stare at a screen for 45 minutes! After a while, it got to get fun!

Since, the teachers were more interactive, we memorized more quickly by only using highlighting and talking. We had more group discussions.

At first I thought I would go through withdrawal! But I did not, and now my best friends are pen and paper and the books in the library.