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My Very Eventful Last Day of Summer

By Enzo Monfre, Contributing Writer


Most people spend their last few days of summer having fun with family and friends; of course, I spend mine removing animals from my house.

Our house is right next to a woods, so we see many wild animals, apparently some want to move in with us. We could hear some creatures living between the first and second floor of my house, specifically right over my bedroom. Every night for hours, I’d hear them crawling around and making weird noises. I could have sworn they were bowling up there.

Ring-tailed cat hiding in our garage.

Well, on the last day of summer break, a small furry thing jumped from our attic into the garage. My mom ran into the house, “Hurry, hurry, there’s a baby ring-tailed cat in our garage.”

I heard that ring-tailed cats live in our woods, but they are very elusive and I have never seen one. Ring-tailed cats are adorable looking. They look more like a lemur than a cat, but they are neither. The ring-tailed “cat” is a member of the raccoon family.

Ringtails are small and nocturnal, which is why we only hear them at night. Ringtails are native to Central America and the southern United States. They are omnivores, meaning they eat plants, meat, and bird eggs.

This little fluffy-thing ran all over our garage, we could see evidence of tiny paw prints all over our cars. It kept trying to climb back into the attic, so we knew we had to catch it soon. That little critter was really fast and hard to capture. Eventually, it climbed up into the engine of the car, so my dad put on some leather gloves and gently pulled it out of its hiding place. We put it in a covered cage in the shade and gave it some fruit, dog kibble and water. For being such a cute little fur ball, it had a really scary scream. A great defense mechanism!

Releasing the ringtailed cat to its new home in the woods.

We contacted someone at a wildlife rescue, and because the “cat” was old enough and eating on its own she suggested to let it loose at dusk in our woods. We live near the San Gabriel River, so we carried it to the river, that way it would have plenty of water nearby to drink. We also left lots dog kibble, so it would have a good meal at its new home.

At first it didn’t want to leave the cage, then it scampered out and like a flash ran into the forest, its tail straight up. It stopped in the bushes and looked back at us, its cute little face peeking out.

I guess that was an interesting, exciting and unexpected last day of summer.