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Our Social Responsibility for Vitiligo Hit People

By Syeda Azwa Asif, age 10, Karachi, Pakistan


I am writing this article to create awareness about the disease called “Vitiligo”. In school I know a girl who used to come first in her class. After some time, white patches started to appear on her skin. She didn’t notice it until her fellow classmates, close friends, and relatives started asking her questions about her skin and taunting her. Suddenly her life changed as she realized she had the disease called “Vitiligo”.

This girl began to find it hard to face and interact with any people, causing her to avoid them. Almost in no time she lost her academic record and confidence level. But the people who hurt her did not realize her inner feelings. This is why I have decided to write about Vitiligo and the feelings of the people who are experiencing it. Also, I want to create awareness about Vitiligo amongst every individual in society.

About Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin disease which occurs due to a disorder in skin pigments. In this disease the cells that make pigment in the skin are damaged causing white patches to appear on the skin on different parts of the body including the inside of the mouth, nose and the retina. The hair also turns white in the areas affected by vitiligo. Vitiligo could be hereditary. Vitiligo affects people of all races, ages and genders similarly, but it is more visible in people with darker skin.

What Breaks Down their Confidence?

Life can become very difficult after a person with vitiligo begins to discover white patches appearing on their skin. Even among their family members they may feel different. Unfortunately, others not affected by vitiligo may call them names such as leopard, giraffe or zebra, which can lower their self-confidence and cause added stress in their lives. Vitiligo people are healthy people except for their skin color. They can be as productive as any other person of society. However, some judgements by others hinder their ability to perform their roles. Society’s ignorance of the facts of vitiligo causes some people to even avoid sitting next to vitiligo people in public places or on transportation. This separates them from society.

My Thoughts about Vitiligo Hit Children

My message to society is that our attitude should be positive towards vitiligo hit children. Being a child I know that children are very innocent and sensitive by nature. The negative attitude of society destroys their self-confidence causing them to look like a flower without fragrance. It is very difficult for vitiligo children to move around normally in society with half white and half brown skin. There is a need to create awareness in society about vitiligo hit people. Vitiligo children should also be educated on how to deal with ignorant behavior in society. My advice to vitiligo hit children is that vitiligo is a difficult condition but you can cope with it by ignoring the crushing attitude of some people.

Together, we all can make this world a better place for them. For World Vitiligo Day, observed on June 25th, let’s join hands to spread global awareness.