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By Michelle Ha, age 14, Texas


You probably have heard or learned about pollution. From the murky brown water to the gray skies, pollution surrounds us. Pollution contaminates the Earth and affects people, animals and the environment. Although technology has advanced, many of the new processes cause pollution Although many people are aware of the polluting effects of these processes, they still do not do anything to stop or reduce the pollution. One way we can help is by using recycled parts to make everyday items.

Pollution comes from many different areas. Today we are seeing more greenhouse gases being produced by transportation and factories. Greenhouse gases trap the sun’s heat into the Earth’s atmosphere which increases global temperatures and melts icebergs and glaciers at a faster rate than normal. Chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides, coming mainly from rural areas, are being drained into the soil and into nearby lakes and rivers. In suburban areas, people wash their cars and the chemicals go into the sewage or drainage system. Each person on Earth produces a lot of trash that gets dumped into the landfill which produces methane, a greenhouse gas.

Pollution is having a negative effect on many things on Earth. Animals are having lower reproductive rates because of the pollution that surrounds their habitat. This will decrease their specie’s population and some may even become extinct. Pollution is also causing climate changes because of the fast production of greenhouse gases. This traps the sun’s heat into the atmosphere and causes a rise in temperature, also called global warming. It is called the “greenhouse effect”. Additionally, pollution is affecting people and has many negative short and long terms effects, including an increase in disease and death rates.

There are many types of pollution such as water pollution, air pollution and land pollution. Water pollution is when wastes are dumped by people or factories into oceans and affect people’s clean water supply. This could lead to infections spreading and harming animals. Air pollution is when a lot of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are rapidly produced and released into the air. This pollutes our air supply which we constantly breathe in and also traps the sun’s heat into the atmosphere. Land pollution is when people leave their wastes on land and cause piles of trash. This is called littering.

To conclude, pollution can be reduced if we take alternatives and reduce our use of certain products. More people are getting exposed to pollution at a very young age. We should be mindful of the causes and consequences and conserve our resources. Many advanced technology processes cause pollution without any restrictions from their country. We should try to use recycled products to make everyday products. By taking steps today, we can prevent an increase in pollution for future generations.