Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Little Magpie

By Eidya Pal, India


“Weer, weer, weer!”

The magpie jumps from branch to branch, no one knows what she is thinking about. Most probably she is looking for food, or maybe she is just having fun. Well, whatever she is doing, her black and white feathers make her look extremely elegant and mysterious. A magpie is a creature anyone would love to ponder upon.

Magpies are birds of the Corvidae (crow) family. They are found all over the world and are insectivores. There are many superstitions related to magpies, some consider them to be talismanic while some say that a magpie carries along bad luck, whatever the world has to say about these little birds, I think, that they are ordinary, but truly special.

Some people are not keen on magpies, they don’t like a magpie’s high pitched cry and they think a magpie is ordinary and they think its not beautiful enough and they have weird superstitions about them and the list goes on… but “some” people think like that, not all: in South Korea, the magpie delivers good news and invites good people into your life. And is also seen as the village spirit. Therefore, in Korea, the magpie is seen as the symbol of good luck and happiness and in both Italian and French folklore, magpie’s penchant for picking up shiny items is thought to be particularly directed towards precious ones. In Mongolia, the magpie is considered a clever bird with control over the weather. In Latin America, the magpie is considered as a friend and helper and wearing a magpie feather is a sign of fearlessness in some tribes as the magpie is bold and has little fear. In Ancient Rome, the magpie is sacred and linked to the God Bacchus and in Scandinavia, the Norse snow shoe Goddess Skadi was associated with magpies. So, it’s not that magpies are all bad, actually they are not bad at all; we shouldn’t follow superstitions to know if someone or something is good or bad, we should just observe that someone or something and try our best find beauty and goodness in it. Are you a great politician or some superstar? Of course you’re not! You are just simple and special and YOU! According to me every human being on this planet shouldn’t have these silly superstitions about magpies, so what if a magpie doesn’t look as pretty as a peacock, there is a special charm in her feathers and the blankness in her black and white wings makes her a very special bird indeed.

Three cheers for the magpie, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!!!!