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Too Much Technology: How It Impacts Our Environment

By Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Kids Editor


With the ever-growing rate of technology as well as everyday items, scientists are starting to believe that using technology too much, can lead to major negative impacts on our environment. Summer is here, and with that more people are getting outside and enjoying the weather. Unfortunately most people especially going on runs/walks use their phone for a countless number of reasons. By doing this many animals outside are getting harmed by our actions. Bees are more frequently dying by the radiation of phones. Without them nobody will be there to pollinate the plants. Most plants will die. Cars can also be a big issue for our environment. The gasoline and the exhaust is continuing to kill more plants and damage everyone’s lungs. A lot of people are encouraging it. They’re building more highways, adding more lanes and what not. More of those equal more cars which in turn leads to more pollution. There is a solution to both problems. It will be much easier to switch to electric, or at least eco friendly cars to look at the bigger outcome for the planet. More people could bike everyday, and more people could stop using their electronics so much even when their outside, enjoying the nature. In conclusion, this summer I encourage more people to unplug their electronics and connect with more people outside and stop staring at phones, as well as to start biking, and switch to ecofriendly vehicles, or take a bus to commute.