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You Only Live Once (YOLO)

By Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Kids Editor


Do you live by the laws of YOLO (You Only Live Once), or are you a non-risk-taker?

I am the kind of person who is on the careful, non-risk-taker side. There’s a reason why we should all go by YOLO.

Researchers have proven with many tests conducted that people who live by YOLO are often happier. I know this concept isn’t for everyone, but if it makes people happy, one should give it a try.

A few facts about what I mentioned above:

People often say, “YOLO” when they try something new or something risky. YOLO connects to happiness because if one tries something new or something risky and still accomplishes the challenging task, that leads to happiness. Now researchers say that living for today is a good thing. These researchers conducted an experiment on college students about YOLO.

They gathered 139 college students. Then they split them into two groups. The Group 1 was asked to imagine they were moving away and meet with people that they cared about before they “left.” The Group 2 members were asked to write detailed journals of what they did in a day for 30 days. (Both groups had 30 days.) Both groups had started out with the same levels of happiness.

However, something started to change during the course of time with Group 1. Since they were asked to pretend they were leaving, they had cherished life more and met with their friends and visited special places more often.

Group 2, on the other hand, was getting bored of the normal day-to-day routine they followed.

Researchers found that the Group 1 was happier. They wondered if it was because the group knew they had limited time, which almost pressured them to make the most of it.

But this process wasn’t entirely flawless. It had contained mostly females and white people. So, they were not entirely sure how this would work for people with different ethnicities and backgrounds.

In conclusion, I would say that though researchers are still experimenting with people of different background and ethnicity, we all should try to live our lives with YOLO slang and create happiness every day for ourselves and everyone around us.

Source: Newsela