Amazing Kids! Magazine

Word Booster

by Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor

In my Writer’s Tips article, I use a few challenging words. For this issue, my Writer’s Tips column and Word Booster go hand-in-hand; I’ll be explaining these challenging words in my Word Booster column.

Daunting (adj.) intimidating, discouraging

When I saw the huge mountain looming above me, it appeared daunting to me, and I felt a bit less courageous than I did before.

Switchback (n.) a road or path that follows a zigzag course on a steep incline

While on the trail, I could see that it would turn switchback because of the “Z” pattern and big slope.

Eloquent (adj.) characterized by forceful and appropriate expression

Blunt (adj.) abrupt in address or manner

When writing using imagery, it’s important to be eloquent with your wording, to fully express to the reader what is going on, instead of being blunt, and writing things in a straightforward manner which doesn’t show the reader what’s happening.

Laborious (adj.) requiring much work, exertion, or perseverance

As the trail got steeper, each step became laborious because it was harder and harder for me to lift each foot off of the ground.

Enveloped (adj.) wrapped up in

I became enveloped within the trees as they became denser and thicker.

Undergrowth (n.) low-lying vegetation or small trees

From a high point in the trail, I could see all of the undergrowth which had grown underneath the larger trees.

Devoid (adj.) not possessing

I was refreshed by the clean smell that existed while I was on the trail; it was devoid of the dirtier city smells.

Unison (n.) a process by which all elements behave the same way, at the same time

It was a sight to see all of the trees swirling together in unison while the wind blew.

Foliage (n.) leaves in general

The amount of foliage, once we had arrived at the top, which existed around the mountain, was simply breathtaking.

Vista (n.) a view or prospect

Our reward for our hard work, the mind-blowing vista, was definitely something to never to forget.