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Adding Humor to your Writing

By Salma Danuningrat, Writing Tips Editor


Writing funny is hard. When we try to incorporate humor into our writing, we’re either out of ideas, or we’re scared that what we write is not funny enough. So how do you add humor to your writing without making it a train wreck? Here are some tips to try out if you want to add humor to your writing:

Use funny moments from your personal life – If you’re stuck or confused on how to add humor to your writing, the first thing to do is ask yourself, what makes me laugh? Brainstorm some ideas of funny moments in your life and see if you can include them in your story. If it was something someone said, make your characters say it. If it was a funny dance you saw on television, describe your character doing it. One of the primary steps of writing funny, is writing about what you yourself think is funny.

Take advantage of dialogue – Most of the things that we find funny, is from things that people say. Whether it’s sarcasm, the speaker’s choice of words, or maybe a weird habit they do while they’re talking, these simple things can be included when writing funny dialogue. Incorporating funny dialogue in your story is a great way to add humor to your writing.

Use metaphors and similes – Using funny metaphors and similes is another way to add humor to your writing. Here are some examples I’ve made:

  • “Her shriek sounded like a dozen fighting alley cats”
  • “His grandma’s hair was like a massive bird’s nest”
  • “He ran as if his pants were on fire”

Share your writing  – Sharing your writing can be a scary thing to do, but it’s the only way to know if other people think your work is funny.  Read your writing to your friends or family and ask them what they think about it. However, don’t be discouraged if they don’t find your writing funny. Other readers might find it funny, and that’s one reason why you should always share your writing – you get more readers, more laughs and more smiles.

Adding humor to your writing is a fun, creative way to make your stories a little bit more laughable. However, make sure that your humor isn’t offensive to anyone or anything. Next time you write, try something new by adding humor to your stories, and your readers are sure to laugh.

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  1. Rosemary /

    Thanks a lot Salma. I used to wonder how to get a joke into a story and you really helped me. Thanks a lot again.