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Happily Ever After – Or Not?

By Salma Danuningrat, Writing Tips Editor


So you’re almost done writing your story. You’ve written characters and settings details and plot twists. You’ve created a whole other world on the page and you couldn’t be prouder of yourself. So how can your story end with a bang? Here are a few tips to writing an amazing ending for your amazing story.

Be satisfying…but not predictable – Your ending shouldn’t make readers feel like they’re missing something. Have somebody read your entire story and ask them, does it make them feel content? Part of a satisfying ending is surprising your reader. Your reader shouldn’t be able to correctly predict the ending halfway through your story.

Write your ending first – Don’t worry if you’ve already written most of your story. But if you haven’t, try writing your ending first. That way, you’ll have a good idea on where your finishing point will be and everything you write will build up to that ending. By going backwards, you’ll be aware of certain details you might miss if you write your story beginning first.

Revise, Revise, Revise – Endings are your curtain call and should leave your reader walking away satisfied. Don’t be afraid to keep revising your ending until everything has been resolved and there are no plot holes.

Sad endings, happy endings… – While there are some obvious happy story endings and unhappy endings, most endings leave it to the reader to interpret and decide. It all depends on the rest of your story and you as a writer: In what state do you want your characters to be in on the last page? Did the protagonist achieve what they wanted? Did they have to sacrifice something of theirs, or lose something to achieve it? Either way, any type of ending can be a great one and you decide which direction you want to go.

Cliffhangers – Cliffhangers are tricky. How can leave your readers on the edge and make them feel satisfied at the same time? Great cliffhangers leave your reader thinking unstoppably about your ending. However, keep in mind that cliffhangers don’t work for all stories so don’t force one into your writing.

After so much build up and anticipation, it only makes sense for your ending to be incredible. A great ending is a great story and while there isn’t a certain rule to writing a good one, there are many, many more tips out there that will leave your reader demanding an encore.