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Keeping your Confidence when Writing

By Salma Danuningrat, Writing Tips Editor


Writing is like a sport. We need to practice to get better, we don’t stop and, like athletes, we writers love what we do. But just like sports, sometimes, we fall down. We loose our confidence. We hoped, worked and put in so much effort to win that writing contest, yet someone else’s name is written next to “First Place”. We do all we can to get our article published and instead, we get that email saying it’s not suitable.

So what do you do when you lose your confidence when writing? Do you give up? Absolutely not! Sometimes we need to go back in order to go forward. Did you know that J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was rejected twelve times before it got published? Writing is about determination and inspiration.  Don’t stop when people tell you to. In case you’re tempted to quit, here are some tips to help you pick up the pen again.

  1. Write every idea that crosses your mind – When we loose our confidence, we tend to get picky. We’ll say “no” to everything that pops into our heads when writing because it’s “not good enough”. It might not be a great idea, but it could turn into one. If you insist that your idea won’t fit in your story, keep a sheet of scrap paper next to you just to jot it down. If not, you’ll regret it later. Keep denying your ideas and you’ll never finish your story.
  2. Remind yourself that you write because you love doing it. Sometimes the reason we loose our motivation and confidence to write is because we start to write for the wrong purpose. We admire the fortune that famous authors have made over their books. We see them getting interviews and daydream about being one of them. We see their books being turned into award winning movies and think: I have to write a book so good it will be up on the big screen. We forget that we write because we love it. It is the pressure and self-doubt that get us to give up on writing. Remember, writing because you love doing it makes you a better writer.
  3. Write about something that makes you happy – maybe it’s something that made you laugh last week, or your favorite moment today. Whatever it is, try to include it in your story. Writers block and self-doubt won’t get to you if you’re writing something that cheers you up. Once we get writing on something that makes us smile, it’s hard for us to stop.
  4. Express your writing style – When we loose hope in our writing, we look to our favorite authors. We try to write like them, down to every paragraph, every sentence, every word. By doing this, we hide our own style. Everyone has a different writing style and just because ours is different than the next writer, doesn’t mean our style is bad. Your writing style is like your identity – if you try to copy someone else’s identity, no one will know who you truly are.
  5. Keep writing – Don’t ever stop writing. Don’t get discouraged. Being a good writer is not about winning every single writing contest you enter; it’s about still writing even when you don’t win. Keep writing to reach your goals. As Albert Einstein said, “Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work.”

Loosing our motivation when writing is a perfectly normal thing to experience. The most important thing to remember is to keep writing. Get everything negative anyone’s ever said about your writing out of your head. Remember, not giving up already makes you a great writer.