Amazing Kids! Magazine

Summer’s Strides!

By Sophie Nadel, Writer’s Tips Editor


Summer is a wonderful time! Warm weather provides the opportunity to play outside and hang out with friends. School is over, so there is no need to worry about pesky homework assignments or imposing deadlines. However, it is important not to forsake writing in the upcoming months. With practice, your prose and poetry will improve substantially! Setting goals for yourself will keep you on track for summer writing. If you stick closely to your goals, you will discover that you can accomplish anything you set out to do. Here are some tips for making goals and accomplishing them!

Setting Goals

The first step in adhering to your goals throughout the summer is to make them. Consider your schedule carefully when crafting a set of goals. It is important to make your aims reasonable — a lofty goal that you will be unable to complete in the time you have allotted yourself will stress you instead of helping your productivity. Your goals can either be time based (for example, write for thirty minutes a day) or content based (such as write 300 words a day). Try out both types of challenge to decide which one you feel to be more effective. Play around with time spans and word count so you can find a reasonable objective that still challenges you.

There are other types of goals beyond writing a certain amount daily. Instead of hoping to write a little bit each day, you might want to produce an entire book by the end of the summer! This is a very exciting goal, but the prospect of writing something so large can be imposing. This is where creating a schedule would significantly help you. Your schedule will break down the huge goal into several smaller aims, like writing a chapter a week. Then, you can divide your week accordingly, writing towards your goal when it is convenient for you. Just make sure not to leave everything to the last minute!

Fulfilling Goals

Making goals is only half the battle — now you actually have to complete them. Be strict with yourself! If you’re committed to a daily goal, make sure you don’t miss a day of writing. If you allow yourself to slip for one day, then you are more likely to miss your goal another day. Don’t let this happen! To help you, write down your goals. Create a to-do list so that you can keep track of what you need to do every day. Let your friends and family know what you are striving to do so that they can remind you to stick to it. Also, avoid procrastination (the act of putting something off). If you have writer’s block, then just write down whatever comes to your mind until you reach your goal. You can always edit later, and chances are that something you’ve written will be worth saving.

Remember that no goal is too lofty to achieve with the proper determination! Good luck in all of your summer endeavors!