Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Writing Milestones, from an Average Writer

By Salma Danuningrat, Writing Tips Editor


Every writer has a journey. From why they started writing, to their first story, to their latest project, everyone’s adventure is a little different than the next one. In honor of this month’s theme, Memories that Matter, here are some milestones of mine:

* * *

You sat back, looking at the application for a writing tips editor position you just typed up. A summary of your writing life, places you’ve submitted to. And boy, was it a small list. All the hope you had gathered, slowly started to drain out, like water in a bathtub. That little ball of hope inside of you – that aspiration to inspire people with your words, was slowly being taken over by fear and doubt. You were scared that people would see you only for the scarf on your head and not the words in your heart. You were scared of failure, of rejection. Your finger tips, which had danced on the keys just minutes ago were still, folded in your lap.

So many things could go wrong. But then again, so many things could go right. That dream you secretly had, living in the back of your mind was right in front of you.

And then, you clicked send.

* * *

Sixth grade was tricky for you. New school, new friends, new country. There were times where getting out of bed in the morning was a challenge. Change was something you simply couldn’t digest at the time.

Until one day, you decided to turn to something you hadn’t done since elementary school English class – writing. You missed the feeling, that creative rush that sprinted through your mind to your fingers typing on the keyboard. Writing became a way to twist reality into something that made sense to you. You put a little of yourself into every character, every story you wrote. Your words were a mirror to your own life – woven into fiction.

* * *

An email. From an editor.

You risked it, hoping your orchestra teacher wasn’t looking. Why you had to be moved to the front row of second violin that day, you didn’t know, but very slowly, you slid the phone out of your pocket. A few swipes, a tap on the small screen and suddenly you were reading as fast your mind could process.

You could feel the ball of hope in the pit of your stomach start to rise higher and higher. You read word after word and the good news washes over you like a cool breeze. The way you saw it, it was an opportunity to write – and to inspire And nothing can wipe the smile off your face for the rest of the day.

* * *

Ever since that first day, I’ve learned a lot about writing as a whole. I’ve learned to take risks and try new things. To never be discouraged. To be proud of your writing. Most of all, I’ve learned to be thankful of these experiences, because they are the moments and memories that make me the writer I am today.