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Word Booster – Action Words to Create Reactions

By Sean Traynor, Editor-in-Chief

Have you ever noticed that some words paint a picture, while others make you read into what the author is trying to say? With this word booster, you’ll be armed with some exciting action words to spice up your stories.

Rappelled – (v.) to descend a steep slope using a rope.

The hiker rappelled down the mountain to reach the base camp quickly.

Swaggered – (v.) to walk in an arrogant or proud way.

The award winner swaggered down the aisle to the podium.

Glanced – (v.) to look at something quickly.

The actor glanced down the casting list to see if his name was listed.

Embrace – (v.) to welcome and take advantage of something eagerly or willingly.

The students decided to embrace the new dress code rules.

Divulge – (v.) to reveal information, especially information that was previously secret.

Steve’s sister decided to divulge where he was hiding when she thought he might be in trouble.

Proclaim – (v.) to announce something publicly or formally.

Tomorrow Ryan will proclaim that he is running for class president.

Skulk – (v.) to move about in a secretive or shifty way.

The robber skulked through the alleyway trying to find a place to hide his loot.

Meander – (v.) to move slowly, without any particular purpose or direction.

Sheryl went to meander in the forest to clear her head of her exams.

Collaborate – (v.) to work with another person or group in order to achieve something.

Instead of fighting over the topic of the next debate, the two teams decided to collaborate on the competition.

Disintegrate – (v.) to break into fragments or small pieces.

The vase disintegrated when it fell to the ground.


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  1. Magdalene /

    thanx for this, it rocks. can u do harder ones?? maybe even level 6 words….