Amazing Kids! Magazine

Word Booster – Parts of Our Body

By Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor

You may know the common names for these body parts, but do you know their real names? Keep reading to find out!

Ulnar Nerve-(n.) this is the scientific name for the funny bone! You know that part of the elbow that hurts so much when you accidentally bump it? Well, it turns out that our “funny bone” isn’t a bone at all, but an exposed nerve that hurts a lot when it gets hit by something.

Patella (n.) this is a fancy name for our kneecap. You know that knobby part of your knee that sticks out on top? That’s your patella! The patella helps to protect our knee and connect the upper with the lower part of our leg.

Cranium (n.) this is the special name for our skull, or the big bone protecting our brain. This is also the name of a fun board game!

Lunula (n.) this is a name for the white moons at the base of our fingernails.

Gluteus Maximus (n.) while this may sound like the name of a Roman emperor, it’s actually just a scientific name for our bottoms!

Pelvis (n.) This is the name for our hipbones. A good way to remember this is “Elvis swings his pelvis when he dances!”

Artery (n.) this is a blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart.

Iris (n.) while this is a type of flower, this is also the colored part of our eyes. Most people’s eyes are blue, green, hazel, or brown.

Pupil (n.) this is the part that we see through, in the middle of the iris. Although our pupil looks black, it’s actually clear. Our pupils seem black because no light shines out of our pupils.