Amazing Kids! Magazine

Word Booster

By Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor

Bonanza (n.) a source of great wealth or luck

We discovered that the treasure chest was a bonanza, with many rare jewels and pieces of jewelry hidden inside.


Dwell (v.) to live or stay in

The bear family dwelled in their cave while they hibernated during the winter.


Elementary (adj.) simple

It’s important for babies to learn elementary words, like “mom” and “dad”.


Trudge (v.) to walk wearily

As it continued to snow heavily, I trudged tiredly home from school.


Heroic (adj.) characteristic of a hero

When the firefighter got the cat out of the tree, we praised him for his heroic action.


Blunder (n.)  A careless mistake

When I saw that I had written on my math test 1+1=3, I realized that I had made a blunder.


Antique (adj.) not modern or (n.) any work of art created in a former period

(adj.) The chair was very antique; my mom said that it had been made a hundred years ago!

(n.) One of the many antiques that the woman was selling was an old typewriter.


Celebrity (n.) fame or (n.) a famous person

We knew that our neighbor had reached great celebrity when people took pictures of him on the street.

I could tell that there was a celebrity nearby because of all the photographers!


Romp (v.) to play

The children romped around in the garden, playing make-believe.


Ally (v.) to unite two people, things, etc. (n.) person, group, or country that is united with another person, group or country

(v.) The two countries allied with one another so that each could help the other out.

(n.) My friend is my ally, because I can count on her whenever I need to.


Lukewarm (adj.) moderately warm

After the hot water sat outside for a while, it became lukewarm.