Amazing Kids! Magazine

Word Booster

By Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor


Abyss (n.) a deep space or cavity

The kids were scared to play near the cave because it looked like a deep, dark abyss.

Stint (n.) a period of time spent doing something, like a job

The teenager had a stint at McDonald’s, where he worked for half a year.

Proclaim (v.) to speak or declare publicly

The king proclaimed to the masses that had gathered outside his castle that the war would begin shortly.

Crony (n.) a close friend, pal

Shawn and his cronies met after school to eat ice cream at the local store. 

Avail (n.) help

The captain of the sinking ship tried to throw water overboard, but it was to no avail; water was pouring in faster than he could dump it out. The ship was going to sink.

Unflagging (adj.) tireless, unwavering

Even though it was a tough game, the soccer team played with unflagging enthusiasm throughout the duration of the match.

Scavenger (n.) a person or animal that searches for items in trash or in piles of other discarded items

The homeless man scavenged for food in dumpsters and garbage cans.

Nullify (v.) to make useless, cancel

The professional soccer player, who had been badly injured, was saddened to learn that his five-year contract with the team had been nullified. He would no longer play with the team.

Proxy (n.) a person who is given permission to act or stand in for someone else.

While the school principal was on vacation, the vice principal, who was the proxy, became the principal for two weeks.

Stoical (adj.) without emotion, expressionless

At her grandmother’s funeral, Mary maintained a stoical expression throughout the entire service; but I knew that despite her emotionless face, she was very sad.