Amazing Kids! Magazine

Word Booster

By Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor


Airborne (adj.) in the air

When the bird began to flap its wings, it went airborne.

Artificial (adj.) not natural

A lot of candies have a lot of artificial colors and flavors because the manufacturers put a lot of chemicals in them.

Bilingual (adj.) being able to speak two languages

Since the girl was born to immigrant parents, she was able to speak two languages: English and Spanish.

Blurry (adj.) not clear, not able to see clearly

When the board at the front of the classroom was blurry, I realized that I needed glasses.

Fatigued (adj.) tired

After finishing the marathon, the runner was fatigued after having run over 26 miles.

Frail (adj.) fragile, not strong

The old woman was very frail – she needed to get up and sit down very carefully.

Mesmerizing (adj.) very interesting

The fireworks, with their popping noises and bright colors, were very mesmerizing.

Monstrous (adj.) very big

The palace was monstrous – it was as big as a football field!

Peculiar (adj.) strange, not normal

The house was very peculiar: it seemed to tilt sideways!

Precious (adj.) highly valued

Pure gold, pearls, and diamonds are very precious to those who own them.