Amazing Kids! Magazine

Word Booster

By Olivia Pineda, Assistant Editor


Imminent (adj.) near in the future

The student was worried about the imminent test she would be having next week.

Impel (v.) to drive or urge forward

Her teacher’s positive comments on her writing impelled the student to pursue a career as an author.

Landlord (n.) someone who owns property

The landlord of the apartment always came around to ask for rent on the first of the month.

Mischievous (adj.) fond of tricks

The mischievous child always hid his parents’ car keys.

Misinterpret (v.) to misunderstand

The politician’s words were misinterpreted to mean something that they actually didn’t

Pollute (v.) to contaminate, make dirty or impure

The factory polluted the water when they dumped chemicals in the lake 

Reassure (v.) to give confidence to

The student’s parents reassured her that she would be an amazing actress in the school play.

Affix (v.) to fasten

The woman affixed a safety pin to the dress that she was going to tailor

Arid (adj.) very dry

The desert is very arid – it hardly ever rains

Aroma (adj.) a pleasant smell

When I entered my friend’s house, an aroma of incense and dried mangoes hit my nose.