Amazing Kids! Magazine

Word Booster: A New Beginning

By Sophie Nadel, Writer’s Tips Editor


Happy holidays! What’s your New Year’s resolution? How will this year be different from the last one? Do you want anything to change, or to keep everything the same? If you want a new start, now is your chance! The New Year is an excellent time for beginnings, so start off your new year with these brand-new words!

Afresh: (adverb) from a new beginning
After getting a “game over” in the video game, Heather started afresh from the beginning of the level.

Commence: (verb) to begin
Upon a signal from the referee, the soccer game commenced and the striker made the first kick.

Inaugurate: (verb) to bring about the beginning of
The riots of the peasants and the oppressive rule of the monarchs inaugurated the revolution.

Envisage: (verb) to picture (something) in your mind
Michael envisaged the ancient forest described in his book as he read.

Resolve: (verb) to make a definite and serious decision to do something
For the new year, Maya resolved to turn over a new leaf and always be there for her friends.

Refresh: (verb) to update or renew
Dwight took a nap to refresh himself.

Rejuvenate: (verb) to give new strength or energy to (something)
A full meal and a good night’s sleep rejuvenated the exhausted Alexa.